Professional Tales for Amelia Kruse from the Business Insider

Professional Tales for Amelia Kruse from the Business Insider

March 29, 2021 0 By Stephen Callahan

Business leaders need skills to develop their companies and create ideas to draw more revenue from their businesses. At times, they seek advice from leadership coaches such as Amelia Kruse, who has made a household name internationally. She transforms entrepreneurs and other professionals into successful business managers.

Her preferred Strategies

Speaking to the business insider, Amelia shared some of her strategies in offering services to her clients. She believes in gaining experience through hardships. Therefore, she walks her trainees through their challenges and barriers to create unique leadership skills in them. Her chief focus is to impart self-awareness, emotional management, compassion, communication, and listening skills, in her clients, transforming how they approach life issues.

Helping clients to discover their worth and strength is one of Amelia’s objectives. She encourages them to think and act authentically, especially in the business world. Through her coaching skills, individuals understand how to identify and deal with weaknesses, create a positive mind, and improve their leadership reliability.

Amelia Kruse has several years of experience coaching teams and individuals in the creative and entrepreneurial industry. She has served clients from various organizations such as Google, Calvin Klein, Delivery hero, Matter Unlimited, and Droga5, to mention a few.

Amelia boasts professional approval from the International Coach Federation and the Emotional Intelligence Network. She runs her business in New York, working with a team of resourceful entrepreneurs internationally.

What Inspires Amelia Kruse?

The desire to assist business leaders and companies have always inspired her to continue her course. She started her professional engagements serving as an environmental mentor, where she worked with several international organizations. Local communities were also part of her clients within Australia, South America, East Africa, and Europe.

Amelia Co-founded a company in 2011 named Creatives without borders. Her primary role was to train music initiatives in Southeast Africa, where she collaborated with The New School, based in New York.

After serving for six years in the creative and environmental industry, Amelia joined Refinery29 in New York to train them how to attract a women audience. Serving as the product marketing Director, she grew her coaching talent, which inspired her to pursue it extensively.

Amelia Kruse started her coaching business in 2016 after earning approval from the ICF body. She has built an international profile by training company owners and other executive business leaders in the creative industry. She has appeared in Forbes and other reputable media platforms, offering insightful life skills to her followers.