CDMO Industry News

CDMO Industry News

March 30, 2021 0 By Stephen Callahan

The pharmaceutical industry continues to rely on outsourcing services at an ever-expanding rate— while the needs, client offerings and approaches used by CDMOs change rapidly. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the state of the CDMO industry today, including top-performing companies and the trends that will shape the future.

Top CDMO Companies Making Headlines

To begin, let’s look at some of the CDMO companies that are making the greatest impact and paving the way for what a successful CDMO should look like in 2021 and beyond.

Wuxi Biologics

By the conclusion of 2020, Wuxi Biologics could already boast nearly 300 integrated projects in a range of fields, from manufacturing in the commercial space to pre-clinical development. Their range of biologics services and experts is particularly impressive considering their open-access platforms that make them one of the most accessible CDMO partners currently on the market.

Samsung Biologics

The growth of Samsung Biologics has been largely on the back of its diverse end-to-end service offerings . It’s established itself as a do-it-all CDMO that’s capable of offering contract development, analytical testing services, and contract manufacturing. Meanwhile, they’ve established a reputation as being one of the most dependable, high-quality CDMOs currently on the market, pushing innovative solutions that have left their clients more than satisfied with every project. Their commitment to future-centric thinking even extends to user experience, as they’ve recently unveiled their virtual platform for engaging with clients.

Samsung Biologics has recently announced their commitment to future growth, remarking that ‘Our next decade will be marked by increased global expansion and portfolio diversification.’


This CMO may be spread wide throughout the globe— its eight separate locations span from Europe to the United States and its territories— but its real range comes in the diversity of its offerings for clients in need of biologic services, antibody drug conjugates, potent pharmaceuticals, pre-filled syringes, fill/finish services and more. They’re most widely known for being a dependable long-term partner for major names, and their level of client service is unparalleled in the world of CDMOs.


Patheon is a division of Thermo Fisher Scientific, and represents the same commitment to expertise and innovative thinking of its parent organization. Its core offering is the development and production of molecules both small and large, but its expertise ranges to include oral solid dosage technology, softgels, steriles, and more. And because Patheon has access to the massive resources of Thermo Fisher, its able to reach more clients and more client needs than ever before.


Recipharm is a CDMO on the rise that’s dedicated to taking clients from early development to commercial manufacturing— and every step along the way. They recently added Bespak to their family, too. Bespak is a leading player in drug delivery device manufacturing, responsible for delivering innovative solutions that help drugs get to where they’re needed more effectively, efficiently, and quickly. This makes them the perfect partner to help Recipharm explode to the next level in 2021. Recipharm is also notable for committing to take on clients both big and small, helping them turn promising molecules into successful products.

Top Trends in CDMOs

Curious about where the world of CDMOs is headed next? Here are some of the most promising trends in 2021 that are transforming the landscape of the CDMO industry, from new drugs to revolutionary formulations that are making waves across the growing roster of CDMOs.

New Drugs

The rate of drug approvals is at a stunning high, with the FDA approving almost 50 New Molecular Entities (NMEs) in a single year. As a result, pharmaceutical companies are forced to find new ways to create their own distinct corner of the market— and beat other companies onto pharmacy shelves. As a result, more and more of them are turning to CDMOs to get them across the finish line more quickly and efficiently.

The Rise of HPAPI

High potency active pharmaceutical ingredients (HPAPIs) are used either on their own to efficiently deliver a low-dose treatment or in formulations to help create powerfully potent drugs. The majority of these are used in the treatment of cancer, because the specific targeting allows them to only attack diseased cells. However, the operational needs to keep employees and others from exposure can be prohibitive, requiring new CDMOs to make large up-front investments in safety measures.

ADCs (Antibody Drug Conjugates)

Innovative transformations in the therapeutic pipeline are becoming more important than ever, and that’s led to the creation of approaches like Antibody Drug Conjugates. ADCs are a new class of potent drugs that work by attaching a small molecule anticancer drug to an antibody, which then targets specific antigens only found in the cancerous cells or other target cells. This is allowing for pinpoint accuracy when treating certain types of cancer cells.

Increased Outsourcing

With all of this new complexity, environmental control requirements, and need for fast and innovative drug solutions, outsourcing is more common than ever. For example, over 70% of manufacturing of the above-mentioned ADCs is outsourced. That number is only expected to increase in the coming months and years.


As long as companies are eager to more efficiently and effectively develop and manufacture therapeutics, CDMOs will continue to thrive. That will only become even more true as the complexity of therapeutics continues to increase at an exponential rate. The companies that will be more successful in the next era of CDMOs will be those that are committed to both innovative solutions and consistent client service, helping provide their clients with both the expertise and the experience they need.