The Probability of the Rate of Spread of Coronavirus is High; however, Experts Talk of the Need to Take Caution

The Probability of the Rate of Spread of Coronavirus is High; however, Experts Talk of the Need to Take Caution

April 6, 2021 0 By Stephen Callahan

According to recent data, the spread and infection rate of the Coronavirus has fallen by a bigger margin. This is based on the reports by NBC News. However. As much as the infection rate is declining, medical experts warn and advise the need to avoid any new cases from arising. NBC News tally urges American citizens to be cautious and follow the right measures to combat the spread of the Coronavirus.

NBC News put together integral data collected in the last fortnight and found that all 50 states in the United States have reported improved health status. Washington, D, C, Northern Mariana Islands, and Rico are not an exception of these states.

The percentage decline recorded in Puerto Rico and the Ten States ranges between 10% and 25%. The Northern Mariana Islands and forty other states have recorded a percentage decline of 25% based on the data collected.

California is among the states that were highly affected by the Coronavirus pandemic. The pandemic brought serious, devastating effects to this state. It is concise that California really found it hard to control its spread. However, data collected within the last 14 days shows California has recorded a 48% decline in Coronavirus cases. This is good and encouraging news not only in California but also to the government of the USA. Data collected on the previous Friday showed that the average Coronavirus cases were at 99,052 compared to the previous month, which recorded an average of 239 284 cases.

Other data from John Hopkins University shows that in December of the previous week, the average weekly infection rate was at 200,000 and rose to 250,000 in January of 2021. Coronavirus death rates have also declined by a bigger margin which is worth-noting. However, as much as improvements in the Coronavirus are being recorded, experts still urge every US citizen and resident to remain cautious because the virus is still a threat.

During the “Meet the Press” show on NBC, the Center of Disease Control and Prevention director said that they are still experiencing over 100,000 new cases daily and approximately 1500 to 3500 death cases daily. Yes, the trends are going down; however, there is a need to remain cautious. According to Walensky, the new Coronavirus variant noticed in the United Kingdom is more likely to cause harm to many of us if we don’t take precautions and follow the right precaution steps.

Health experts urge everyone in the United States to continue wearing face masks, keep social distancing, maintain social distancing, and many more measures to prevent the further spread of this virus.