Samuel Chibuike Speaks About His Marketing Career Journey on the Business Insider Africa Series

Samuel Chibuike Speaks About His Marketing Career Journey on the Business Insider Africa Series

April 8, 2021 0 By Stephen Callahan

Samuel Chibuike is the Head of Growth and Marketing, Bloom Africa. Samuel, who acknowledged he didn’t initially plan to become a marketer, said he had to do on-the-job learning and attend several marketing workshops to master the ins and outs of marketing. Throughout his marketing career, Chibuike has worked in different sectors, including transportation and education. In an exclusive interview with Business Insider Africa, he states some of the books that have helped him overcome fear and failures to become a better marketer. Chibuike also mentions that these books have enabled him to identify, analyze, and correct some of his failures and have seen him achieve more as a modern marketer.

In the interview, he explains that he is many things to different people – Software Developer, Marketing Strategist, Tech Educator, Growth Hacker, and more. Chibuike explains that he has served the marketing industry for over nine years, garnering tremendous Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and Growth Hacking experience. Samuel’s passion for marketing can be traced back to 2012 when he was given the job of growing sales at Weengle Technologies Pvt. Ltd, an Indian technology firm where he worked tirelessly on increasing the company’s online presence. He has since been scaling and growing businesses from scratch using minimal resources.

Chibuike has also worked with startups and businesses of all sizes across America, Africa, and Asia, spanning various industries, from finance to tech to education. Furthermore, he has worked with top-rated brands, including Wisconsin International University College, British Council, Status, Westcape, Mascot Art House, and more. Currently, he is the Head of Growth and Marketing at Bloom Africa, and on the side operates Zapman Web Agency, a web agency. Samuel explains that he didn’t have prior experience in marketing. He stumbled on marketing after receiving an offer for a gig on oDesk (which was later to re-brand to Upwork).

Chibuike states that he did not have adequate experience or knowledge in the field but was interviewed anyway. Once he landed the job, he thoroughly researched the field and read multiple books on online sales and marketing, and effectively executed the job. Chibuike believes that his marketing success came with Weengle Technologies Pvt. Ltd, which was the primary propelling force. He also gained a lot of marketing experience from taking multiple marketing courses, attending dozens of conferences, and interacting with industry experts. However, his career journey has not been without fears, and his greatest one has been failing to deliver excellent client experiences.