The New Administration is Reviewing South Korea Foreign Policy with a View of New Strategies

The New Administration is Reviewing South Korea Foreign Policy with a View of New Strategies

April 14, 2021 0 By Stephen Callahan

When it comes to international policy, the United States has a responsibility to make sure that it understands the merits and the trends of each country before coming up with a policy that meets the needs of such a country. This has been a strategy that has been incorporated for very many years and which has been central in ensuring that the country has been able to maintain peace with its friends and fought enemy country with zeal, which is a very common practice.

Reviewing North Korea Policy

During the last administration, President Trump made sure that he was highly involved in making sure that he was connected with North Korea, and he mostly used it as a means to showing how much he has been able to make peace around the country. However, the new-found peace has not been in place for many years, and it is currently being said that nothing currently exists on the table for the two countries to share.

As it stands, the United States did not make a follow-up of the policy but left everything after the publicity was achieved. This is something that has broken the already found relationship, and it is obvious that everything will now go back to the drawing board with the new administration. They have to look for additional ways they can easily reconnect and come up with a truce that fits the needs of every country involved.

This explains why the new administration is currently and highly focused on reviewing the entire policy with the hope of coming up with a new policy that is expected to have far-reaching impacts. What is obvious is that Biden’s administration is not expected to follow what the previous administration had already done but will be highly interested in making sure that a new method of dealing with North Korea has been found. It is worth indicating that North Korea is also looking for ways to deal with the new administration.

The South Korea Factor

Everything that will be realized between the two countries has to involve South Korea, which is the sister country to the south. It has been the route through which most of the western countries have been using to reach into the Korean peninsula, and it is obvious that South Korea will always lead in the new discussions. Excluding South Korea from any negotiations will only escalate the matter and can easily make the situation complex in the coming years.