Sharon Osbourne’s Recent On-Air Comments Are Causing a Fair Share of Controversy

Sharon Osbourne’s Recent On-Air Comments Are Causing a Fair Share of Controversy

April 23, 2021 0 By Stephen Callahan

For more than a decade, TV viewers of all ages have been watching and listening to Sharon Osbourne in her role as host of “The Talk” on the CBS network.

As reported in a current article on the CNN website, Ms. Osbourne has been accused by her former co-host Leah Remini of using homophobic and racist terms when referring to her former co-workers.

Ms. Remini’s comments were part of an article written by a freelance journalist named Yashar Ali. Although Remini’s comments were not independently verified by CNN, her spokesperson did confirm that the comments were accurate.

Responding to the comments made in Mr. Ali’s article, a spokesperson for Sharon Osbourne said that the host was disappointed but not surprised by the negativity and lies that were being displayed.

The spokesperson said that Ms. Osbourne has consistently expressed kindness to the show’s other hosts, and they have socialized together, including at Ms. Osbourne’s home.

The alleged slurs made by Sharon Osbourne have surfaced at the same time that the show is taking a temporary break. Previous episodes of “The Talk” are being aired for approximately one week, while CBS reviews an issue that developed between “The Talk” co-host Sheryl Underwood and Ms. Osbourne. The other co-hosts on “The Talk” are Elaine Welteroth, Ann Inaba and Amanda Kloots.

The issue between the two co-hosts concerns Sharon Osbourne voicing her support of British talk show host Piers Morgan, who recently made some on-air comments about Meghan Markle that Ms. Underwood felt could be interpreted as racist in nature.

After the difference in opinion between Osbourne and Underwood was expressed on the show, Ms. Osbourne sent out an apology on Twitter.

On Twitter this week, Piers Morgan commented about CBS investigating the situation between the co-hosts of “The Talk,” saying that it is scandalous for him to be thought of as a racist.

In regard to the situation between Osbourne and Underwood, CBS said on Tuesday that the network is aware of concerns that some people may have with the comments made by Ms. Osbourne, and will investigate and take action where it is needed.