Mohammad Shahzad Among The Devastated Patients in the  New COVID-19 Surge in India

Mohammad Shahzad Among The Devastated Patients in the New COVID-19 Surge in India

April 30, 2021 0 By Stephen Callahan

Since the coronavirus outbreak, the infections and deaths have surpassed the previous levels. There was a high expectation of much lower cases in the previous pandemic period until the current wave relentlessly struck most states. The current virus surge is more severe and deadly than before. The figure of COVID-19 patients in hospitals is overwhelming. The death cases are increasing every day. Among the devastated regions globally, India continues to register almost 250,000 new infection cases every day, with the number expected to soar to 500,000 in a month. Two-third of the new cases are from the nation’s capital, New Delhi. Maharashtra, Mumbai, accounts for about a quarter of the total infections.

Mohammad Shahzad was one of the victims seeking health care in hospitals after developing fever and shortness of breath on April 15. His wife, Shazia, managed to get him to a nearby hospital, but unfortunately, there was no space for the patient. After returning home, Shahzad severely ran short of breath, and his wife called an ambulance to rush him to another hospital. Finally, Shazia secured a hospital bed for her patient. Shazia narrates how the hospital overwhelmed with patients, pleading and fighting for their lives. Ambulances carrying patients waited for hours outside the hospitals.

Prafulla Gudadhe is one of the significant officials in one of the Maharashtra hospitals. He accounts how he receives constant calls from constituents about preserving hospital beds for their patients. Unfortunately, he says the available beds cannot hold the increasing numbers of patients. Gudadhe says most patients end up dying at home helplessly. He accounts for 10 deaths at home in his ward after attempted hospital admission failures. Still, hospitals have run short of oxygen and other crucial facilities. Tankers are in continuous services to supply oxygen to hospitals to cater to increased patients numbers.

Kamlesh Sailor, the head of the crematorium trust in Surat, says the number of deaths is unbearable. Sailor says the current surge is the worst case he has experienced since the outbreak. He received about 20 bodies daily during the previous pandemic season, but the number has spiraled to 100 in the current pandemic surge. All the cremation facilities are in constant use. Sailor says that two of the cremating facilitys’ chimney melted due to constant use. That is enough indication of how the current situation is unbearable in Indian states.