Greg Gutfeld Shares Thoughts on Chauvin Verdict

Greg Gutfeld Shares Thoughts on Chauvin Verdict

May 3, 2021 0 By Stephen Callahan

Greg Gutfeld is an anchor on Fox News, and after the Derek Chauvin verdict was announced, he shared his surprising opinion. Gutfeld commented that he was happy that the police officer was found guilty. He went on to explain why he felt that way. His explanation is where it gets murky, and it caused fellow hosts to question his thought and state of mind.

He basically said he was happy for the guilty verdict because that meant his house would not get vandalized, nor would his neighborhood get looted. The co-hosts questioned his motives behind the statement. Gutfeld commented that his property and life had already been turned upside down by previous protesters.

He went on to banter with the other hosts. They discussed what they thought about the court proceedings and how they thought the officials handled the case. From their conversation, it seemed like they were pleased with the legal system. The judge kept the trial inside the courthouse and its protective walls.

This means that the judge and jury could separate what was happening outside from the duties at hand. Like any trial, the judge gives the jury specific instructions, and in this high-profile case, he had to be precise and trusting.

The Fox conversation got personal and testy at times. Some guests questioned Gutfeld’s remarks. The entire program was riddled with commentary and cutdowns. On Twitter, journalists from other networks begin quoting Gutfeld. The tweets caused another firestorm to blaze across social media.

Mr. Gutfeld is part of a round-table team, and he has his own show. The Greg Gutfeld Show has been on the air for over five years. Before that, he had a late-night program that ran for almost a decade. He is no stranger to journalism. Greg has also worked in the magazine industry and with print publications.

On the side, he comments through his blog, and he has penned several novels. He is a conservative, and his views are considered far-right. He has made a living off of offering political opinions and creating conversations. Some of his blog posts and past work have been humorous, and the pieces show another side to his journalistic talents.

Greg Gutfeld has partnered with others to create websites and platforms that focus on political issues. He has been a guest on podcasts and talk shows, and he earned a degree in English from the University of California.