New Yorkers Voted For Law And Order, And Eric Adams Won The 2021 Mayoral Primary

New Yorkers Voted For Law And Order, And Eric Adams Won The 2021 Mayoral Primary

August 5, 2021 0 By Stephen Callahan

Eric Leroy Adams is the current Democratic nominee for mayor of the city of New York. Either Adams or Republican nominate would be replacing current Democrat Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Adams is an NYC-born politician and currently serves as the Brooklyn Borough president. He was elected to that role in 2014. Eric Adams as well as all of the candidates have been in the news for many months. The primaries for the mayoral race ware held in early June. It took nearly one month for the results of the Democratic race to become official. It was the first time the city used rank choice voting, and there was a lot of controversy. When the NYC Board of Elections finally announced that Eric Adams was in the lead, he had lost much of his lead to the third runner-up, Katherine Garcia. Eric Adams contested the results and, after a review by the board, it was determined that approximately 130,000 “test” ballots were accidentally included in the count.

He was not the only one who spoke out about the errors in the counting. Katherine Garcia and Maya Wiley, the candidate who was in second place on election night, also expressed major concerns about its validity. Another candidate, Andrew Yang, came in a very distant fourth and did not question the election results. Yang was also defeated in the 2020 Democratic presidential primaries.

Eric Adams is a former police officer and, unlike most of his Democratic counterparts, he is not in favor of defunding the police. Crime in the city is at its highest in decades under de Blasio. Bill de Blasio defended the NYC police department by $1 billion, and he helped to push forward the no bail policy for criminals. The majority of residents cast their vote for Adams because of his stance on supporting the police. The other Democrat candidates, especially Maya Wiley, did not share his more moderate views, and the voters responded.

Curtis Sliwa won the Republican primary and will run against Adams in the mayoral race. Sliwa founded the Guardian Angels, a volunteer group that has been focused on protecting civilians for over four decades. The last times there were Republican mayors, the crime rate was very low, and Sliwa is also a strong supporter of the NYPD. No matter which man wins, the hopes are that they can bring law and order back to the city.