Disney Pop Star Olivia Rodrigo is Helping the President in His Youth Civic Vaccine Campaign

Disney Pop Star Olivia Rodrigo is Helping the President in His Youth Civic Vaccine Campaign

August 12, 2021 0 By Stephen Callahan

COVID-19 has a new celebrity spokesperson to convince teenagers to get their flu shot. Olivia Rodrigo,18, represents the White House Youth Boost. Olivia Ridrigo met with Dr. Anthony Fauci and President Biden on Wednesday, July 14, 2021, to convince teenagers to get vaccinated. Wednesday, Rodrigo came to the White House and spoke in the briefing room.

Olivia Rodrigo gained fame as a Disney Channel star. Rodrigo is a songwriter and one of the musical actor favorites of young people today. President Biden and Dr. Fauci are interested in targeting young people aged 12 through 27. Although people aged 12 to 27 are at a lower risk of illness and death from the virus, the White House wants to be absolutely sure all family members get this flu shot. Rodrigo is urging the young people to go online to the vaccine.gov website to find where their nearest clinic is located and to go visit.

Olivia Rodrigo is joining the president and Dr. Fauci in a public service message to urge young people to get the COVID-19 shot. Rodrigo is promoting the COVID-19 shot is good 4 u White House Youth Boost campaign. Ms. Rodrigo came all dressed up in a pink woman’s business suit to tell the press that she was honored to spread the word about the importance of youth vaccines. She urged her peers to have conversations with their families about getting vaccinated. Rodrigo will be promoting the vaccine video public service announcement coming out soon. Rodrigo wants her fans to be happy and healthy and will do what she can go convince them to be vaccinated.

Olivia Rodrigo was born on February 20, 2003, in Temecula, California. The entertainer is the daughter of a therapist and a school teacher who both support their daughter’s show business career. Rodrigo is an only child who lives with her parents in Los Angeles, California.

Rodrigo has been in show business for 10 years. Her acting career only took off five years ago. It was her experience as a speaker and panelist at the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media that attracted the youth vaccine campaign team to her. They knew Rodrigo could get the word out to her peers that there is no harm in getting the vaccine.