Britney Spears’ Conservatorship Battle and Father Jamie Spears

Britney Spears’ Conservatorship Battle and Father Jamie Spears

August 16, 2021 0 By Stephen Callahan

One of the worst things anyone can do to someone is to continuously punish them for seemingly no reason. While some may argue Britney was crazy at the time she was placed under a conservatorship, this still doesn’t mean she deserves to be punished for years or even a lifetime. One person can only handle so much and here’s a bit more about Britney Spears and her conservatorship problem.

Why She’s Under a Conservatorship

In 2008, Britney was enduring a custody battle and high-profile divorce. During this tough time, she exhibited erratic behavior. This included a head-shaving spectacle and umbrella attack on a photographer’s vehicle. After this, she was hospitalized and placed under an involuntary psychiatric hold. This incident led her to be placed under temporary conservatorship.

Is Britney’s Father Abusive?

Consequently, Britney has recently spoken out against her father, Jamie Spears. She claims the power he has over her is abusive and cruel. Jamie may have even used the conservatorship to control and use his daughter in multiple ways. For instance, he may have payed himself a higher monthly salary than necessary by taking money from Spears’ estate, among other things. Furthermore, Jamie’s legal counsel communicates that he was “hurt” by his daughter’s allegations of abuse.

Britney Doesn’t Deserve Punishment

While Britney may have been wild and even maybe mentally ill in her younger years, she seems to have grown up a lot. Plus, according to her allegations of abusive treatment by her father, she’s already been punished enough for no good reason. Being one of the most popular celebrities on the planet has certainly gained her a following of loyal supporters who will likely speak out against anyone who harms her. It’s past time to ignore this conservatorship, because Britney doesn’t deserve to be treated so harshly.

People Want Her Free

Based off of how upset Ms. Spears seems to be about her conservatorship and potentially abusive father, she needs more freedom. In fact, social media followers and celebrities alike have spoken out about it. It’s important for people to have empathy for Britney and her circumstances.

As a human being and highly talented celebrity, one thing is blatantly obvious. Since Britney Spears has done nothing to deserve such disrespect, she should be treated with respect by everyone around her. Every father and judge involved should make an honest effort to treat those they have power over humanely.