Ali Wong Brings Adult Humor Back to New York

Ali Wong Brings Adult Humor Back to New York

September 22, 2021 0 By Stephen Callahan

Ali Wong is bringing a much-needed breath of fresh air to the Beacon Theater. Wong is a comedian. Her style has been compared to Jim Gaffigan but with a female twist. She has developed the comedic art form of delivering dirty jokes that simultaneously cause the audience to laugh and blush.

At the Beacon, guests will get a taste of her dirty mind and broad humor. In the early part of her career, she made a mark with her sexual spirit. No one knew if her new material would still be saucy, but the reviews show she still zings her fans with plenty of sex talk.

This taboo subject can be made humorous, but it takes a skillful standup comedian to brace the audience and tickle their funny bone. Sometimes the jokes can come off as crude and childlike, but Wong has made vulgarity elegant.

Ali Wong is not the first comedian to hit New York. Other famous figures that have hit this metropolitan area include Dave Chapelle and John Mulaney. Visitors have been masked inside all of the theaters, but the face coverings have not deterred the crowds. Most of the shows are selling out.

Wong decided that she was not going to joke about the coronavirus. In her opinion, she feels America has had enough of that subject. She wants her program to be refreshing. It should take the audience to a new place for just a little while.

Critics note that Ali’s style is perfect, and she has appeared to add in new cadences, which are making the show even better. Wong mixes up the volume with silence, and the combination makes for a delightful delivery. She weaves in cadence and funny repetition, which builds the audience up. If you can stand a bit of lusty humor, her shows are for you.

The humor centers around men and women. The subjects range from sex to adultery. The jokes take on their own lives, and the audience gets stories about married women and cheating husbands. This dark subject is turned into a lighter affair, and even the most jaded lover might find something to chuckle at.

Wong comments that the driving force behind much of her material is daily irritation and annoyances. Everyday relationships add to her work, but she also pulls inspiration from off-the-wall subjects, such as the rise and fall of the stock market and prison life.