Dana White Had Great Things To Say About a Houston Hotel

Dana White Had Great Things To Say About a Houston Hotel

September 22, 2021 0 By Stephen Callahan

Dana White, UFC’s president, has been familiar with the most fantastic hotel rooms. However, Post Oak in Houston tops the list of those hotels. Dana has said many good things about the hotel rooms in Fight Island in Abu Dhabi, but he called the Ambassador Suite the “worst hotel room ever.”

Dana Moves Around Quite a bit

White is someone who knows hotels because he is usually traveling and going to different places for fights. After all, he is the President of the UFC at the present moment. Even more so, UFC will remain relevant as a sport in the present era as more people want to see how it generates opportunity for themselves and others.

Dana didn’t only take up a room, but he took almost the whole floor as he took up residence for UFC 265. In addition to this, the Presidential Suite is already described as a great suite available for celebrities and dignitaries. It is 5000 square feet with an extra privacy two-bedroom suite. It also consists of an elevator, a media room, an exercise room and a scheduled terrace.

White Shares His Life With Fans

White took a moment to share a sneak peek of his hotel room with his followers through social media. The suite has a private gym, which can entertain almost a dozen people. Apart from the gym, it is also equipped with a Houston branded basketball court where White also did cardio. The suite also has a much sophisticated and technologically built mini-golf area.

The Many Facilities that One Can Find

The suite also offers authentic comfort for the stayer through its huge shower and steam room. The shower and steam rooms contain a massive row of lockers. In addition to this, it also has a bar that is fully stocked and is eloquently built for a party.

The floor has many gaming stations too. It has a laser-shooting station and also another basketball gaming station. Keeping in mind the love and craze for football, a football gaming station is also available. Moreover, one of the best places is the perfect cinema room, just like a standard cinema room. It has elegant seating with a popcorn and sweets station at the back to enjoy the movie.

UFC generates significant revenue through pay per view from this hotel. Apart from generating the revenue for itself, a generous sum is also developed for this hotel’s town.