Verily in Developing Its Standalone Solution

Verily in Developing Its Standalone Solution

October 28, 2021 0 By Stephen Callahan

Verily is one of the few companies under the Alphabet holding group life sciences unit that recently announced that they are working on a method of ensuring independence from their sister company Google and their mother hosting company Alphabet Holding group. Verily is working on a secret project through the assistance of Google named Flywheel that will provide critical infrastructure to the company instead of depending directly on Google.

Currently, Verily depends wholly on Google to support its services through its diverse and robust technological platform. As they progress, they aim to detach from the technology giant platform and establish themselves as a separate entity that is independent on its own. Despite this getting termed as a bold move, it comes with some risks and challenges because all the critical infrastructure held and operated by Verily gets hosted by Google. It gets achieved through its platform dubbed Baseline. Baseline provides Verily with technological infrastructure, particularly touching on cloud computing that is quite useful in genetic and molecular data processing that Verily depends on to perform.

Through its company, Google, Alphabet Holding Group plans to assist Verily in developing its standalone solution that will see its dependency on the Google Internal cloud infrastructure getting eased at the moment. The dubbed Flywheel solution will incorporate all the services that Google was providing Verily through the baseline infrastructure getting transitioned to Flywheel.

The move by Verily will provide an unprecedented amount of freedom and independence from google operations that were not possible previously. As the services and products Verily offer matures, its quest for autonomy on operations continues to grow, and luckily, Alphabet, the host company, is quite supportive of the initiative. Alphabet Holding Group is committed to assisting Verily in developing a robust business framework and structure apart from being technologically independent. Though Verily is taking bold and notable steps, they require much support through the journey, and both Google and Alphabet incorporation are committed to walking the journey together.

Flywheel got launched in early 2021. Since its inception, the host company in collaboration n with Google, has been reporting tremendous progress with this platform. It aims to release the final product to the market in late 2022. The Flywheel project partly aims to transition Verily from a private company into a public tool accessible to other companies and businesses, as alluded by two senior employees at Alphabet Holding Group. The life sciences company spokesperson notes that Verily will continue to build infrastructure and talent around life sciences and technology in place of the public good.