Stars from ‘Friends’ Pay Tribute to James Michael Tyler and His Recent Passing

Stars from ‘Friends’ Pay Tribute to James Michael Tyler and His Recent Passing

November 3, 2021 0 By Stephen Callahan

Working on the hit TV show “Friends” was a joy for everyone including James Michael Tyler, the actor who played Gunther. Although James recently experienced a fierce battle with prostate cancer, those who loved the show will always remember him as the Central Perk Coffee Shop general manager. And with his recent passing, the stars of the series showed how much he’ll truly be missed.

A Battle with Prostate Cancer

In 2018, James Michael Tyler was diagnosed with prostate cancer, and this is what eventually led to his death. On the Today Show, Tyler broke the news that he had cancer. He related that the disease prevented him from walking and mutated. This led to tumors growing along his spine. Mayo Clinic states that prostate cancer can spread rapidly or grow steadily.

Remembering a Friend

The actors from “Friends” paid tribute to their fellow co-star by posting photos with messages on their social media pages. For instance, Jennifer Aniston, who played Rachel, posted about the fact that he made important contributions to the show’s success and she’ll miss him a great deal. Courtney Cox who was Monica shared her feelings about him being a forgiving and generous person. She also felt his immensely grateful presence when they worked on the popular series together. Matt LeBlanc who was Joey talked about the laughter they shared and Lisa Kudrow who was Phoebe had few but powerful words to say about missing him. David Schwimmer who was Ross gave thanks to Tyler for the role he played and his warm personality. Matthew Perry a.k.a Chandler also said he’d miss him dearly.

Working with Special People

Not only did Tyler appreciate the time he spent on “Friends”, but he also said how much he valued the other actors by calling them “fantastic”. Moreover, he felt “special” for having been on the show. His memories were some of the best of his life and he’ll always cherish the people he co-starred with. Furthermore, the co-creators of “Friends” related how much they cared about him by calling him “sweet”.

While James Michael Tyler will always be recognized as that manager guy on “Friends” by fans, his real friends from the show will remember him as a true friend forever. Additionally, their heartfelt messages about him will live on in everyone’s minds and hearts. He had a peaceful death that occurred in his Los Angeles home.