Details Emerge That Rust Assistant Director Dave Halls Had another Gun Incident

Details Emerge That Rust Assistant Director Dave Halls Had another Gun Incident

November 12, 2021 0 By Stephen Callahan

A production company released a statement that the Assistant Director on the movie “Rust” when the fatal shooting of a cinematographer took place was involved in a similar incident in 2019.

Rocket Soul Studios released a statement that Mr. Dave Halls was fired from the “Freedom′s Path” set after an unexpected discharging of a gun, causing injury to a crew member. The statement said that “Halls was immediately removed from the set after discharge of a prop gun.” Mr. Halls did not respond to the comment.

An affidavit about the fatal shooting of Halyna Hutchins, a director of photography in Rust, implicates Halls with handing the gun that killed actor Alec Baldwin and declared it a “cold gun.” The term onset means an unloaded firearm. The gun suddenly discharged when Baldwin was explaining how he would draw it in a scene hitting Ms. Hutchins, who later died from a gunshot wound.

Mr. Halls is a veteran in the film industry who has worked on movies such as The Matrix Reloaded and Fargo, but there were complaints about safety.

2019 Gun Incident
Dave Halls was an assistant director on freedom’s path when a gun was discharged on set. Three crew members in the film recall the incident when a muzzle-loading rifle fired unexpectedly during a scene. The sound of the resulting explosion caused inner ear injuries to a boom operator. They reveal the existence of safety concerns about the crew and cast members even before the firearm misfired.

The crew members say Halls was “a person with red flags that his career should have been over yet he was still there causing outrageous situations for the crew.” They feel that Halyna could have been one of that Freedom Path’s crew because it was too close for comfort.

The three crew members claim there were no frequent meetings as industry practice requires during productions. The trio also alleged that there was no armorer on the set during a gun misfiring in 2019, and a background actor was in charge of a firearm scene.

Rocket Soul Studios, in a statement, denies the allegation about a background actor handling a gun scene, saying an armorer was always on set anytime a gun was present. The statement by the production company said it could not comment on conversations between Dave Halls and the crew.

However, it acknowledges the gun incident. It said, “Halls was removed from the set after a prop gun discharge, and production did not resume until he left the site.” Rocket Soul Studios added that it officially terminated Halls at the end of that production day after giving him the specific cause.