Comedian Jon Stewart Tackles Serious Issues in ‘The Problem with Jon Stewart’

Comedian Jon Stewart Tackles Serious Issues in ‘The Problem with Jon Stewart’

November 16, 2021 0 By Stephen Callahan

When comedians make people laugh, fans don’t normally complain, but when they take a different path, people begin to wonder. In fact, Jon Stewart’s new show “The Problem With Jon Stewart” helps the comedian explore new territory by tackling issues that matter to him. While he may be heading in a different direction, the familiar topics he faces might resonate with audiences everywhere.

Stewart Gets Serious

Although Jon is usually known to provoke laughter, his new show isn’t meant to be comedic. It does have some comedy but the laughs aren’t planned out. “The Problem With Jon Stewart is meant to examine issues in-depth. Of course, this is a far cry from “The Daily Show” and its satire. He might joke at times but doesn’t care to waste too much time when there are more important problems.

Important But not Comedy

Jon knows that fans may be expecting him to joke, but he admits this show might not be as much fun. Since he already has experience doing something like journalism but with comedy, he probably feels like taking the plunge into serious journalism is a step forward for his career. This may be important but it’s not comedy, and this means fans may or may not swallow it the right way.

A New Direction

One topic Stewart discusses has to do with the U.S. government not listening enough to the health claims veterans make. He goes on to interview military personnel and their loved ones in hopes of giving them a voice. The second episode seems to be more promising and talks about authoritarianism and issues with mask mandates and vaccines.

It Might or Might Not Work

Despite the fact that Stewart is hosting the show, fans might feel that it’s not entertaining enough. But one positive thing about “The Problem With Jon Stewart” is that viewers have the opportunity to get educated in deep topics everyone should care more about. This could be Jon’s chance to reach meaningful career heights.

While some people would rather see the old Jon who enjoys making them laugh, others might like seeing him make a serious leap into advocacy. Furthermore, showing the world another side of him could be a very good thing. Fans and critics will just have to wait and see if his show is a success or just doesn’t add up to the old Jon audiences know and love.