Britney Spears on Alluded Interview with Oprah

Britney Spears on Alluded Interview with Oprah

March 29, 2022 0 By Stephen Callahan

After Grammy winner Britney Spears took to her social media to say that she had more information about her thirteen-year conservatorship, she alluded to fans that she might be conducting an interview with Oprah.

Britney Spears says that she has not forgotten what her family and the thirteen-year conservatorship did to her. She is not ready to forget about it and keep her mouth shut for the sake of her peace and that of the family.

The American singer and songwriter interviewing with Oprah Winfrey would most certainly breed great interest. However, a source close to the singer says that there are no immediate plans to conduct the interview even though that was the message portrayed on social media.

“Britney Spears has not conducted any interview with the talk show host, Oprah, and nothing is set in stone about it yet.” It is therefore not clear whether or not the singer will conduct the interview. What is for sure is that the time to address the conservatorship is not now.

In her social media post, Britney Spears went ahead to say that it is embarrassing to share some parts of her life while in the conservatorship. She was not allowed to drive her car and had not seen and handled any money.

Spears, in her rant, stated that she is still mind-blown by what her family and the conservatorship did to her. She capitalizes the words “NOT FORGOTTEN” in her post as a warning and to show that she is slowly coming out of what held her down.

As for whether Britney and Oprah Winfrey will get together this year, the same source said that if the two celebrities meet, it would probably be in 2022.

The thirteen-year conservatorship ended on the 12th of November because of a movement that was started to free the singer. Following this, Britney thanked her fans for creating awareness about her situation and enabling her to be free.

While under the conservatorship, Britney had very little control over her finances and her personal life. Being in a conservatorship includes being appointed a guardian by a judge to control financial affairs and an individual’s life because of mental health issues, old age, or physical limitations.

Britney, under the conservatorship, was forced to be on birth control and lithium and perform even against her will.