Kevin Hart Talks to NY Times about His Latest Project

Kevin Hart Talks to NY Times about His Latest Project

April 6, 2022 0 By Stephen Callahan

Kevin Hart is a household name in the entertainment industry. He has been gracing the screens for years, attracting admiration from fans all over the world. Kevin has won numerous awards for his exceptional acting skills. In addition, he has a chance of winning another major award because he has received a Grammy nomination. Hart recently talked to NY Times about his latest project, a seven-episode thriller that will excite all his fans.

In this film, Kevin, who acts as Kid in the movie, goes out with his brother, only to find himself in a hotel room the following morning. The story gets interesting because there is also a body of a dead woman next to him. Kid’s primary mission is to prove that he had nothing to do with the murder. That makes the movie very entertaining because there are a lot of brutal action scenes. However, Kevin is not used to this kind of movie, so the NY Times sought to know what he thinks about his role.

Hart started by saying that he took up the role because he wanted to show another side of his talent that people don’t know. He said that he wanted to take a different direction after showing his conic skills for years. Kevin also noted that he believes he is good at acting, and he can take up any role, including in action movies. Moreover, Hart added that he would not be affected by his fans’ comments about his new role because he is happy.

Kevin Hart also spoke about Wesley Snipes, who acts as Kid’s brother in the movie. He said that Snipes was the most suitable actor to take up the role because of his quality acting skills. However, Wesley was hesitant to take up the role because he thought Kevin was joking when he told him about the movie. However, after Hart explained about the project, he decided to act in the film.

Apart from the movie, Kevin also spoke about the attention entertainers get from the media and their fans. Hart said that getting too much attention can confuse entertainers, and they can say something that might not go down well with some people. According to him, every entertainer has a choice to make when choosing what to say. However, some things can put them in trouble. That is why Kevin is always cautious of what he says. That is his strategy of being himself.