Joe Biden Urges Americans to Adjust Living with Coronavirus

Joe Biden Urges Americans to Adjust Living with Coronavirus

April 28, 2022 0 By Stephen Callahan

President Joe Biden advised the U.S. citizens to adapt to the novel COVID-19. Even though Rochelle Walensky, CDC Director warned of record-high cases to be witnessed, President Biden promised better times in the future. In an interview, the president mistakenly talked of his team’s efforts in getting half a million tests in the fight against the Omicron variant instead of 500 million.

As President Biden was leaving for Colorado to sightsee a wildfire, a reporter asked him whether coronavirus was to stay longer. Biden said that it would fade away after some time, but the environment would be threatened over a long spell.

In his campaigns, President Biden had promised to eliminate the virus, now he says that they have developed many tools to contain it and its strains. He confirmed that soon normality will resume. President Biden also addressed the situation following schools’ closure in Chicago and other cities resulting from the surging cases of the virus.

Joe Biden said that the country looks steadier a year later regardless of the rampant challenges. The government has enabled at least 90% of the institutions to operate, even though, initially the figure was 98%. President Biden claimed that his team does 11 million assessments totaling 300 million each month. The team intends to do 500,000 more daily tests to control the pandemic.

A few weeks ago, the President through the White House said that half-a-billion coronavirus tests could be mass mailed to homes to control the surging infections. However, people cannot request them because the government has not gotten the tests nor developed a website. Therefore, the tests might arrive late not to deal with the Omicron situation.

Karine Jean Pierre, the vice press secretary at the White House shared unclear details regarding the tests, contract, and the manufacturer. She confirmed that the test-requesting website was being finalized by government experts who are focusing on logistics, accessibility, equity, and capacity. Jean Pierre confirmed that President Biden’s administration still upholds the crucial details like possible tests every household can get.

CVS Pharmacy among other retailers have disposed of the test kits, and FEMA had to open test stations in the heavily hit regions. The President has advised health insurance providers to repay policyholders for the tests bought. An extra 50 million tests are being shipped to local health centers for distribution. In October, the administration discarded a plan to massively distribute rapid tests, but the president accepted the idea to control the surging cases.