5 Apps Transforming the Music Industry Right Now

5 Apps Transforming the Music Industry Right Now

May 20, 2022 0 By Stephen Callahan

The music industry is changing. We’ve seen it for years with the arrival of digital tools and software on the scene, but now the industry has been transformed. In the past five years, the music industry has undergone a seismic shift as developments in digital tools, coupled with the growth of apps and social media, have changed the music industry forever. The apps described in this article play a large part in the industry’s transformation. What’s more, they’re providing new opportunities to artists, labels, and fans and transforming the music business. Here are five apps transforming the music industry right now.

1. SoundCloud

The SoundCloud app is a social network for musicians and music lovers to share, discover, and discuss music. It has thousands of artists uploading their tracks for free with the option to purchase additional tracks. The app is popular with musicians and fans alike because it allows users to upload their music and listen to exclusive tracks that are only available on SoundCloud.

2. Spotify

Spotify is a streaming service that allows users to stream millions of songs from its library of 30 million songs. Users can create a free account or sign in with Facebook or Twitter, but all users can play any song they want on the service without purchasing it. Spotify also offers its proprietary playlists based on genres and moods, including “Spotify Singles,” which features exclusive singles by artists signed by Universal Music Group (UMG).

3. Apple Music

Apple Music is an online streaming service similar in many ways to Spotify. Apple launched the service in June 2015, and it offers a free three-month trial period. After the trial period is over, users can purchase a subscription that gives them access to millions of songs. The app also allows users to create playlists based on favorite songs or artists. The app’s social media integration allows users to follow other artists and share their music creations.

4. Bandcamp

Bandcamp is an online streaming service for musicians that allows them to stream their music for free or buy high-quality MP3s from artists who upload their music for sale through Bandcamp’s platform. Artists can set up an account on Bandcamp with a free account that limits the number of songs they can upload per month or pay a monthly fee for unlimited uploading options.

5. Bandsintown

Bandsintown is an online streaming service that allows fans to listen to live music performances from many different bands worldwide in real-time. The site launched in 2009 and has since become one of the most popular platforms for fans to discover new music and bands alike. Users can create an account with a free monthly subscription or purchase a subscription for unlimited access to all features of Bandsintown with no advertisements or limits on track access.