Prince William and Kate Failed Mission

Prince William and Kate Failed Mission

May 27, 2022 0 By Stephen Callahan

The royal family planned a week-long trip for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to reinforce the throne in some regions of the Caribbean. However, the trip brought frustrations and embarrassment to the royal family when protests arose in the target areas. The journey officially began on March 19th to commemorate Queen Elizabeth’s seventy years on the throne. However, they did not achieve their target.

The royal couple arrived in Jamaica on March 22nd, being their second stop. One day later, news broke that the government was planning to cut ties with the monarchy and become an independent state. One day before their arrival, there was a meeting of top academicians and politicians who demanded justice for the country. They claimed that the royals should pay the nation for subjecting them to slavery and colonialism. The hundred people in that meeting signed an open letter that stated their claims against the Royals. According to the letter, compensation should happen for subjection to human trafficking, exploitation of indigenous Jamaican people, and slavery. The compensation and apology for the crimes against humankind are what should precede the healing and reconciliation process.

The pioneer group, which goes by the Advocates Network, accused the prince and his wife of enjoying money inherited from these crimes as an inheritance. They further declared that the jubilee celebration was just a reminder of how long the royal family has tortured their people. This was a big blow to the family, especially the Duke and Duchess. On the arrival day of the couple, the group staged protests at the British High Commission at the same time the first family was arriving.

During an address to the Jamaican Prime Minister, Prince William stopped himself from giving an apology and instead spoke on how wrong slavery was. He stated that it is a crime that should not happen since it dehumanizes and takes society backward. The Advocates Network countered his statement and declared that he did not apologize and, therefore, his words had no impact.

Before this saga in Jamaica, the couple faced protests in their first destination in Belize. Here the locals protested against them landing at a football field near his cocoa farm destination. The locals of Belize claimed that the conservation charity Flora and Fauna International (FFI), headed by Prince William, was privatizing their indigenous land. This dispute caused them to complain of slavery and colonial theft.

All the plans to celebrate the trip turned into a headache, leaving the royal family in the spotlight. Their efforts to strengthen their kingdom turned south, with nations detaching themselves from their grasp. The whole world is watching to see the next step for the monarchy.