How MacKenzie Scott is Donating Her Wealth to Institutions Across the Country

How MacKenzie Scott is Donating Her Wealth to Institutions Across the Country

June 2, 2022 0 By Stephen Callahan

Several years ago, everyone was discussing MacKenzie Scott; she is the ex-wife of former Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. Being associated with Bezos was probably one of the main reasons everyone wanted to know about her. Also, she received a considerable share of wealth from one of the wealthiest persons in the world. She received $46 billion, which is a significant amount that, apart from investing and giving out, there is practically nothing she can do with such huge amounts of money. MacKenzie is donating her wealth by:

Engaging in Charitable Activities

The majority of the wealthy business owners in the market today would have worked hard to look for some other alternatives to whether they would invest their huge resources. There is an expectation that such individuals are supposed to be the leading investors in the world. However, MacKenzie Scott seems to have approached a different strategy. She currently stands as one of the wealthy individuals engaged in rapid charitable activities. She is quickly giving away her wealth at a rate never seen before.

Donating to School Communities

One of the most significant donations that MacKenzie Scott has made has been directed to various schools. As it stands, Scott has already provided more than $133.5 million to different schools across the country. Of course, the majority of the schools across the country deserve financial support. However, there is no doubt that Scott is likely to change the future of various schools in the country for a lengthy period.

Combating Drug Addiction

Combating drug addiction has always been one of the main challenges that most people have been facing in the country. There are many organizations in the country working hard to deal with such challenges. Young People in Recovery and Shatterproof are some of the two organizations combating addiction that MacKenzie Scott has supported. The two entities have received $3 million and $5 million, respectively. The amount is sufficient enough to assist these organizations to continue with their roles of dealing with addiction.

Supporting Mental Health Services

MacKenzie Scott has also shown that she is concerned about the prevalence of mental challenges across the country. That is why she has been proactive in supporting various entities that are dealing with extreme cases of mental health across the country. The Jed Foundation is one of the mental healthcare facilities that Scott has supported, with around $15 million in donations. This is sufficient support that will enable the facility to continue its operations with ease.