Aloha Construction Company and its CEO Dave Farbaky in Lake Zurich

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About Aloha Construction, Inc 

Aloha Construction is a leading roofing company. Aloha Construction Inc is a well-known company providing services for all of Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. This firm is a family-owned and operated comprising the quality team of specialists, inspectors, managers, supervisors, installers and office staff. The company also reaches out to its customers in Champaign, Tazewell, Washington, Peoria, and McClean counties through its Bloomington offices. The teams have worked hard together to complete over 18,000 local projects totaling over 15 million sq /ft of shingles, and 7.1 million sq/ft of Vinyl siding as well as a million linear feet of flawless gutters.

This company has transformed over the years from a small construction firm into an industry leading general contractor that has achieved a broad range of achievements and industry certifications. The Illinois-based Construction Company and general contractors specializing in exteriors such as roofing inspection services, installing residential and commercial roofing, home repair, siding repair services, seamless gutters, storm damage repair as well as wind damage repair.

With over 84 years of experience, they are fully licensed, bonded and insured and also offer a ten-year Craftsmanship Warranty. Today, Aloha Construction, Inc. is placed as a leader with a reputation for superiority, integrity and unmatched safety in the construction industry. Why is this company leading in Illinois and Southern Wisconsin? Have a look.


(i) Trusted and Bonded Roofers 

There are a few aspects that can lead to a homeowner requiring a new roof. The speed caused by wind and aging can cause a lot of damage to the roof whether the ceiling is on a flat, steep or low slope. Thanks to the existence of this construction company which determines the extent of damage and handles it in a friendly, knowledgeable and professional manner. This great company with great contractors uses the nine steps of the inspection process that helps in identifying various issues that overall hinder the reliability of your home’s roof. The steps include;

• Identify problems and opportunities

• Determine objectives

• Inventory resources

• Analyze resource data

• Formulate Alternatives

• Making decisions

• Implement the plan

• Evaluate the plan

(ii) Insured along with Licensed Siding Contractors 

Installing, replacing as well as repairing the siding of your homestead can be an incredibly daunting task. Having done hundreds of kitchen as well as bathroom remodels, the company is set to put a standalone team of professionals out in the field. While the restoration of your home’s exterior can appear intimidating, our contractors can professionally handle this kind of project while protecting families from the effects of severe weather. Also, they improve the appearance of your home by giving it a character, becoming maintenance-free and even lowering your overall heating as well as cooling bills.

(iii) Gutter and Downspout Systems 

Home repair through channeling water around and away from your homestead is one of the most excellent preventative steps you can take to keep your home protected. Aloha Construction Company plays a vital role in helping families channel sitting water back towards the foundation. It’s evident that water that is allowed to stay around the base of a homestead can cause wet basements, damaged concrete, cause ground erosion and mildew problems. Making the process smooth and easy is the primary role of this construction company.

CEO Dave Farbaky 

Dave A. Farbaky, the President/ CEO of Aloha Construction Company, is a happy person simply because of the great achievement and a positive growth of the company. The company has ideally dealt with extremely severe hail, high winds, and storms for years. He is now proud that the firm is serving all of Illinois and Southern Wisconsin residents with a new website meant to get homeowners an expert that can help them through fewer clicks. Dave A, Farbaky is looking to fulfill the promise of the company of building quality homes for the launch of an internal restoration service set to be announced early May. The annual charity event presided by Dave A, Farbaky is an extension of Aloha construction aiming at giving back to the community.

The Dave Farbaky Foundation is seeking to team up with Learning Express Toys to supply 4 children with a 60-second shopping spree each. The shopping spree will take place on August 14th at 3: PM. Dave A, Farbaky the founder of “Dave Farbaky Foundation” (DFF) has a great plan for this company in the sense that he has shown keen interest to teach local children how essential random acts of kindness can have on others. He opened two local charities; Omni-Youth Center as well as communities that care the needs of the children. According to Dave, the growth of the company has been centered on making people feel more secure in their homes. The CEO of the company is proud to announce a new branch of the Aloha Builds network that will focus on interior restoration, remodeling bathrooms, kitchens, water extraction, basements, natural disaster aid and clean-up.

For quite some time Dave has been impressed by the growth and development of this company and the steps he has made in helping families. The philosophy of Dave is growing very fast since he plans to hold a DFF event once every month whereby he will promote the change and the cause will remain the same. One thing for sure is that Dave will reinstate one construction job for another this weekend, the construction of childhood reminiscences for a few good kids. Central to such an endeavor, the Dave Farbaky Foundation ideally presents constructing childhood memories for local children.

In conclusion, this construction company has been accredited having an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau as the best in home repair, restoring a home to a state even better than it was before the damage and replacing roofs in a matter of hours. The entire process is performed in an accurate and timely manner by indicating the level of harm. Therefore, this company is highly recommended due to its services and friendly team.

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