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Bob Dylan Has Actually Sold The Rights To All Of His Songs

By Stephen Callahan

For more than half a century now, people around the world have been enjoying the music of Bob Dylan. Whether it be “Blowin’ in the Wind”, “Rainy Day Women # 12 & 35,” or “Gotta Serve Somebody,” the songs written and performed by Mr. Dylan are well-known by music fans of all ages.

In an article on the CNN website on Monday, it is reported that the entire catalog of Bob Dylan’s songs has been purchased by the Universal Music Publishing Group. This body of work includes more than 600 songs, which Universal insists will be used tastefully.

Although the exact figures were not disclosed, the sale of Mr. Dylan’s songs has been estimated to be in excess of $300 million by the New York Times.

For a legendary performer such as Dylan, the sale of his songs is quite unexpected. For many years, he has maintained control of the copyrights for his songs, and has successfully marketed them for use in advertisements by commercial products.

Through the years, Dylan’s songs have been used by Cadillac, IBM, Coopers & Lybrand, Apple and other high-profile companies. The purchase of this prolific songwriter’s music publishing rights may be the largest such purchase ever made. The 79-year old Dylan’s record sales since 1962 number more than 125 million copies. and he is still doing live performances.

The Universal Music Group’s CEO, Sir Lucian Grainge remarked on how important songwriting is in the formation of great music, and that Bob Dylan is one of songwriting’s top practitioners.

Mr. Grainge went on to describe Dylan’s music as brilliant, beautiful, provocative and inspiring. No matter if one of Dylan’s songs was written yesterday, or 50 years ago, he said, it is sure to offer a sense of timelessness.

The CEO of the Universal Music Publishing Group, Jody Gerson, said that it was a responsibility and a privilege to represent Dylan’s work. Describing Dylan as one of the best all-time songwriters, Gerson acknowledged the great cultural importance of his musical contributions.

There is a great deal of money to be made in the field of music publishing, and several other very well-known musical artists have sold their catalogs of work in recent years.

Bob Dylan has been aware for many years, of the money that can be earned in the publishing end of the music industry, and he maintains a New York-based business name the Bob Dylan Music Company.



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Bob Dylan Sells His Entire Music Catalog for Over $300 Million

By Stephen Callahan

In a landmark deal with Universal Music, Bob Dylan has sold his entire songwriting catalog of over 600 songs. This is the largest collection of music publishing rights ever sold by a single artist or group. The iconic artist’s works include timeless classics such as “Like a Rolling Stone” and “Blowin’ in the Wind.”

Dylan’s body of work has come a long way from humble beginnings that started with his first record deal in 1962 where he signed over publishing rights to future songs. The deal was made with Leeds Music Publishing. Dylan received an advance of $100 on future royalties for his body of work at the time, and he was reportedly pleased with this amount at the time.

Since that first deal, his catalog has grown immensely in size and monetary value. Dylan also managed to win a Nobel Prize during the nearly six decades that his songs have been in the public realm. The historic deal struck with Universal Music places all of the published works of Bob Dylan, who is now 79 years old. Although the exact monetary details were not disclosed, the value of the music catalog is known to be over $300 million.

The chief executive at Universal Music Group, Lucian Grainge, offered his thoughts about the value of the music of Bob Dylan. He explained that songwriting is the key ingredient in great music, and he reiterated a fact that most music aficionados know, which is Bob Dylan is considered one of the greatest songwriters in music history. Jody Gerson, an executive at the publishing division of the company, added that Dylan is one of the most important cultural figures in history, and she described the acquisition of music as a great privilege for the publishing company.

This historic event has occurred during a year that has featured several other high-profile deals where music catalogs changed hands. Investors have raised billions of dollars in 2020 as artists both young and old have sold their musical works. Only a week ago, Stevie Nicks of Fleetwood Mac sold a large stake in her music catalog for approximately $80 million to an independent publishing company in Great Britain.

Another British company, Hipgnosis Songs Fund, spent over $600 million to acquire publishing rights to popular music in recent months. These deals involved over 44,000 songs written by famous artists that include Barry Manilow, Blondie and Rick James. However, it is hard to compare any of these pop songs to the cultural treasures in the catalog of Bob Dylan. His songs transcended mere entertainment, possessing a poetic depth of artistry that has inspired many other songwriters throughout the decades.

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Rudy Giuliani Latest Trump Team Member to Test Positive for COVID-19

By Stephen Callahan

Rudy Giuliani is now positive for the COVID-19 virus. The news broke this morning through a tweet from President Donald Trump.

The Latest: According to multiple sources close to the situation, Giuliani is hospitalized at Georgetown University Medical Center. However, there has been no official confirmation regarding the current condition of the iconic political figure. The president’s tweet came shortly after Giuliani appeared via satellite on a Sunday morning news program airing on Fox News.

Trump campaign communications director Tim Murtaugh has not commented on the diagnosis.

Giuliani’s Recent Travel and Activities: The 76-year-old Giuliani is currently working as a key member of Trump’s legal team. Because of his age, he is considered to be at high risk of developing serious complications as a result of the virus. Giuliani has spent the month since the election traveling all over the country waging court battles designed to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election.

Giuliani started the week in Arizona meeting with GOP members of the state’s legislature to try to convince them that the election was not legitimate. He then traveled to Michigan on in the middle of the week to attend a committee hearing at the state House. Again, the purpose of this meeting was an attempt to convince the committee that the election results were not valid.

Most recently, Giuliani was at the Georgia state capitol building in Atlanta attending a state Senate hearing regarding the election. During all of these meetings, Giuliani could be seen at times without a mask. During the Thursday Georgia meeting, he was seen removing his mask to take pictures with his supporters.

Giuliani has been in close contact throughout the last few weeks with fellow Trump team attorney, Jenna Ellis. In a Sunday tweet, Ellis wished Giuliani good luck fighting the virus. She also said that the legal team will continue its fight to prove election fraud.

Diagnosis Follows Son’s Positive Test: Last month, Giuliani’s son, Andrew, also tested positive for the virus. As a White House staffer, the junior Giuliani tested positive after meeting with the Trump campaign’s legal team after the election. In addition to his son, campaign adviser Boris Epshteyn also tested positive at the end of last month. Giuliani spent a considerable amount of time with Epshteyn in the days leading up to his diagnosis.

However, Giuliani went to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on business the day after Epshteyn tested positive. Likewise, after his son tested positive, Giuliani also did not follow the recommended protocols set forth by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). These guidelines urge people to quarantine after close personal contact with an infected individual.

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Remembering Chuck Yeager

By Stephen Callahan

A War Veteran Who Had a Way with Words

Although war heroes are not usually very approachable, Chuck Yeager proved to be the exception to the rule. Sadly, the decorated Air Force veteran passed away Monday at the age of 97. Interestingly, Yeager proved to be a formidable presence on the social media platform Twitter recently. Answering questions from fans and posting about his experiences as a World War II pilot, Yeager was remarkably humble and down-to-earth for someone who had been famous for the better part of seven decades. But it was not his World War II service for which he was most famous. His crowning achievement would come a bit later.

A Vanguard

As the first person to break the sound barrier on a level flight, Jager paved the way for NASA and other programs that strived to make humans extend their physical boundaries and join the space race. Indeed, upon hearing of his death, former NASA administrators paid their respects and acknowledged just how critical Yeager’s contributions were to the space program. Both fearless and practical, Jager stated that part of the reason he had survived for so long was that he had been able to foresee potential issues and head them off. Somehow, Yeager possessed an innate sense for which risks to take.

War Hero as Family Man

Although Yeager lived a relatively glamorous life, he was also known as a devoted husband and father. Married to a woman named Glennis for 45 years, he had four children and then later married again after Glennis passed away. On a professional level, Yeager possessed a rare combination of daring and intelligence that made him a truly unusual person. Unwilling to take the foolish risks that fighter pilots his age sometimes did, Yeager manage to stay out of trouble while completing his missions in style. After all, there weren’t that many novices who went out on a mission and became aces on their first flights for the Air Force. Yeager was one of these rare people.

An Amazing Example of the Greatest Generation

In the wake of his death, it won’t be surprising to hear people refer to Yeager as the end of an era. There truly aren’t that many World War II veterans left, let alone any as prolific as Yeager when it came to shooting down Nazis. Yeager’s extraordinary ascent to success was captured in a 1983 film called The Right Stuff. He was portrayed by actor Sam Shepard in all of his glory. But the one through-line in Yeager’s life was that he just loved flying. In fact, over the course of his career, it is believed that he flew approximately 360 different types of aircraft. These days, commercial pilots may find themselves on just a few different types of planes. Yeager came up during a time when the ability to fly a variety of airplanes was a true asset, and he definitely made the most of it.

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Will Smith Buries the Hatchet with Janet Hubert

By Stephen Callahan

It’s one of the most well-known and well-quoted TV shows of all time, but — behind all the laughs — drama simmered. When Will Smith began his tenure on the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, it was not yet known whether or not the show would become a hit. Although Smith had established himself as a very popular rapper, people in the entertainment industry did not know if he had the chops to carry a television show.

As soon as the show started to air, however, it quickly became obvious that Americans were happy to hop on this comedy bandwagon. Smith’s television persona was unlike any other that audiences had seen up to this point. Not only was he relatable, but his talent as a triple threat shined through with ease on each episode. Of course, it wasn’t just Smith that made people tune in. Accompanied by a very impressive cast of actors, Smith delivered the heartfelt messages that audiences craved. One of the actors that helped him in this department was Janet Hubert. She played Aunt Viv, the mother figure of the show.

Although the vibe started off well, it wasn’t long before Smith’s newfound success started going to the 21-year-old’s head. What ended up happening was that Smith would invite hordes of friends to attend tapings of the show and sometimes disrupted the energy on set. As a Julliard-trained actress, Hubert took her acting much more seriously. Tensions started to arise. Eventually, this tension boiled over and Hubert was offered a very low paying contract for the next season. She refused to sign on, leaving the show.

This, however, was far from the end of tensions between Smith and Hubert. Over the past 27 years, the two actors have slung barbs at one another through the media. Each blaming the other for the dysfunctional relationship, it seemed as if Hubert and Smith would never bury the hatchet. However, Smith felt as though the failed friendship was weighing on him. As the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air reunion became a reality, Smith could not imagine having a reunion without Hubert. First, though, he would have to make up with her.

Using his wife Jada Pinkett Smith’s platform, The Red Table, Smith reached out to Hubert and asked if she would be willing to come on the show and discuss their relationship and what had gone wrong on the set of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air during the early 90s. Hubert obliged, and what followed was a very public make-up session. The two actors talked about how their separate personality issues and conflicts led to the ultimate fallout. On the show, Smith even consulted a therapist to help him express himself properly. After communicating and reconnecting in the wake of such contentious rhetoric, Hubert and Smith finally seemed to see each other as real people. They hugged and cried, and a healthier and more productive relationship was born for them.