Sergey Petrossov is Setting the Example for Successful Entrepreneurs

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Sergey Petrossov

Sergey Petrossov’s solid work ethic and incessant drive to succeed have been evident throughout his entire entrepreneurial career. read more


Ryan Seacrest Helps Staffer Apologize to his Girlfriend, Talks About Friendship, Diet and Fitness Regime

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Ryan Seacrest loves helping people. Besides being the founder of the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, a non-profit organization that helps children in hospitals, Ryan is a great colleague and a wonderful friend! As it turns out, Seacrest is also willing to apologize for others during a live show!

As you already know, Ryan Seacrest hosts a weekday morning drive time radio show that airs on Los Angeles Top 40 station KIIS-FM. This is just one of Seacrest’s many jobs, including being a TV host and producing shows.

During a recent KIIS-FM episode, Ryan introduced Jon, one of his staffers. Jon has been working on the morning show for six months now, and according to Sisanie, he looks like Freddie Prince Junior, “The younger version, in his early days!”

Jon is 25, and his first anniversary with his girlfriend is coming up. Unfortunately, Jon had a problem he shared with everyone. He was very nervous as he talked about his girlfriend, Sydney.

As he explained to Ryan, she wanted to see Spiderman with him for her birthday, but the show was too late that day and they didn’t see it. The night after that, Jon’s roommates suggested they see Spiderman together and have a boys night out. Jon thought it was a great idea that day, “Let’s go and see Spiderman!” So Jon texted his girlfriend about it and she said: “You’re going to do what?” Everyone in the studio laughed.

After he heard Sydney’s reaction, Jon realized he was wrong and suggested they go and see another movie. But then he went and watched Superman with his friends anyway, thinking it’s not a big deal. “His plan was to charm his way out of it,” Seacrest concluded.

The worst part is that he went and saw Spiderman with his girlfriend and pretended he saw it for the first time. His tactic was to act surprised. “That’s bad!” Sisanie shouted. Everyone was shocked to hear that he was able to go through the entire movie and act like he hadn’t seen it before.

“What do you think I can do?” Ryan asked. “Well, I thought if the apology comes from Ryan Seacrest it would be more serious,” Jon said. This situation inspired KIIS FM crew to come up with the name for a new show called “Ryan’s remedies,” during which Seacrest would help other people solve their problems.

“Let’s think this through and articulate before we call your girlfriend,” Ryan said. Once Ryan explained the whole situation again, Jon realized how bad he messed up. “It’s pretty bad,” Sisanie said.

It was time to call his girlfriend and clear the air. “Hi Sydney, it’s Ryan Seacrest calling from KIIS FM, how are you?” Sydney was surprised to hear the familiar voice as she drove to meet a friend. “I’m calling you on Jon’s behalf because he told me something I think you should know,” Seacrest said and asked, “How long have you been together?”

“Almost a year,” Sydney responded. “You’re anniversary is coming up,” Ryan said. “Here’s the reason why I’m calling, it’s about Spiderman.” Ryan said and explained the whole situation to her.

“Jon hasn’t been sleeping at night,” he added, “He saw it and pretended to have seen it for the first time, and now he feels bad for acting out he saw it with you.” Sydney sounded shocked and a bit angry as she told Ryan her side of the story.

As it turned out, Jon involved their friends too! “Jon, what would you like to say now that we have her on the line?” Jon said it was the only thing he lied about and promised he wouldn’t lie again. Luckily for Jon, Sydney accepted the apology.

“So now we leverage this,” Seacrest said and added, “Because your anniversary is in a week.” Seacrest suggested Jon celebrates his girlfriend because she is such a forgiving person. “He’s the best,” Sydney lovingly said.


New Season of Live with Kelly and Ryan Celebrates Friendship

Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa aren’t just a perfect onscreen couple. Besides co-hosting one of the most popular daily TV shows, Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa are also great friends.

Ahead of the third season on Live together, Ryan and Kelly sat down to discuss their undeniable chemistry. “I get to work with one of my very best friends,” said Ripa in an interview for season 32 of the show. “We have that connection backstage right before the show starts where it’s like, ‘I’ve got a story for you.’“

It also seems like Seacrest found his “groove” on the hit morning talk show after two seasons. “I think it’s great to come on a show that’s already successful — unless you screw it up when you arrive,” Seacrest joked.

Kelly and Ryan want their audience to feel just as comfortable as they do during the show. “What’s great about this show is that it is very relaxed,” said Seacrest. “It allows us to present a show that is accessible to the audience. We want them to feel like, even if they’ve never met us, they know us.”

Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa promised more even more surprises and laughs on the upcoming season. The new season premiered September 3, and it was dubbed the “Year of the Fan.”

That means every morning, one member of the audience will be selected to participate in a brand new segment of the show called the “I in Live.” This lucky fan will meet and be interviewed by Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa! “There’s a lot of preparation, but it’s not so rigid,” Ryan said. “If something happens in the show, we have the freedom to go with it.” “It takes a lot of preparation to look like you haven’t prepared at all,” Kelly added.


Ryan Seacrest and the Incident at the Kris Jenner’s House 

Speaking of friendships, there is an anecdote that Ryan Seacrest has recently shared with his fans. The story involves him, Kris Jenner, and the toilet at her home.

Ryan is a longtime friend of the Kardashian-Jenner family. As one of the main producers, Seacrest is one of the important people behind the show. After all, it was Ryan Seacrest’s idea to start their long-running E! reality series, which makes him an important figure in the Kardashian-Jenner family.

But even though Ryan Seacrest has achieved so much and accomplished many things in his career, flushing Kris Jenner’s toilet seems to be out of his reach. During an episode of Live with Kelly and Ryan Seacrest revealed that during a trip to Kris Jenner’s home, he was confused about how to use one of the home’s many toilets.

“So she’s got a bathroom in the entryway,” Seacrest tried to describe Jenner’s home, to his co-host and friend Kelly Ripa, and jokingly added that the room was, “made out of complete jade!”

“So I’m in there, and the toilet, it’s like one of those electronic toilets, but it’s black, so you can’t see any of the buttons,” Ryan recalled, “And the room is dimly lit, and I can’t find the light switch, and there’s one candle lit.”

“So I go to the bathroom,” Seacrest continued his hilarious story, “And I use the toilet paper, and put it in the thing, and try to find the flush, and I can’t find the flush. So now what do I do? I can’t find the flush and someone is going to come in and use the toilet.”

As the American Idol host explained, he tried to find the button to flush the toilet, in fear that another Kardashian-Jenner family member would come in after him and find an unpleasant surprise!

“The technology was messed up, and it wouldn’t flush,” Seacrest said, with Ripa interjecting, “Oh, what a nightmare!” “So I flush it, and the water just builds,” Seacrest said. “I am watching the water level rise.”

Ryan admitted that in his moment of panic, he almost attempted what Kris Jenner’s son-in-law Kanye West might have called a “Poopy-di scoop.” “I’m thinking to myself ‘What do I do?’ Do I stick my hand in there? Do I say, ‘Hey Khloe, don’t tell Kim and Kourtney, but can you help me out over here?’ Or do I just tell Kris, I think your toilet has got a problem?”

Kelly jumped in to share her thoughts on Seacrest’s story and explained to him, “When in doubt, go to the mom. We’ve seen it.” “I know, but I was too embarrassed,” Seacrest replied, and admitted that he was left without options when Ripa asked what he did next.

“I just left it there,” he said and then jokingly turned to camera, “Keep this between us!”


Ryan Seacrest Reveals What Inspires Him

Ryan Seacrest is the man with many jobs. In a recent interview, Seacrest shared what inspires him and how he manages to do it all. The On Air With Ryan Seacrest host also talked about his life passions.

“The biggest question is ‘How do I do what I do?’” Ryan shared what fans always want to know. “I am also asked, ‘What is my schedule? How do I get everything in? Do I sleep?’ The answers are that I don’t look at my schedule more than a day ahead. I love to be back-to-back with projects and not have downtime, and I don’t get enough sleep, but I don’t seem tired, do I?”

According to Ryan, the trick is to make the most of the moments when he does get the chance to wind down. These situations include working out and traveling even more than he does now!

“I do like to walk around the streets of Manhattan to relax. I enjoy walking home. I get massages, I do yoga, but what I love to do is travel,” Ryan described “me” time. “You would think that being on a plane so much of the time, I wouldn’t want to travel. But I look forward to it. I enjoy traveling without a schedule and relaxing without my phone. Not having to make a plan or a schedule is often perfect.”

Traveling is his passion because it gives him the chance to explore the local cuisine! “The perfect dinner for me is a great Italian-style thin crust with a bottle of Brunello. I like it simple,” Seacrest was honest. “ I like things that are indigenous to a certain area, that’s a specialty or signature of that country, is my favorite way to eat.”

As someone who works with big stars, Ryan Seacrest is starstruck by great chefs and motivational speakers such as Brene Brown. “She is a brilliant person,” Ryan explained and added, “I get starstruck not by movie stars and TV stars, but by chefs and others, I admire. I love to meet really talented people, but I get the most starstruck meeting people who are amazing in the kitchen and in great restaurants.”

Of course, there are many things Seacrest has learned over the years, and he is eager to share a life lesson or two with his fans. “My goal every day is to make everyone happy that I work for. I try to practice gratitude in the morning before I go to work,” Ryan said. “I have days when I’m grumpy and tired, like everyone else, but I think gratitude is something I’ve learned to implement into my life during the last couple of years.”


Ryan Seacrest’s Diet Routine 

After he explained how he manages his hectic schedule, Ryan also spoke about his fitness and diet routine. Seacrest has always been open about his love for food, so naturally, everyone has been curious about what’s going on in his fridge.

Besides being a radio and TV host, Seacrest also owns a close-fitting suit line called Distinction. Ever since he started his career in 1995, people wanted to know what’s his secret because he doesn’t seem to age.

The American Idol host revealed that he drinks a concoction of watercress, ginger, turmeric, lime, and pineapple in the morning. “That sounds so good,” Ryan said, “I usually have these in the morning. But not before the show, because it burns.”

As a workaholic, Ryan Seacrest has a fridge backstage that’s packed with his essentials, including bottled water, raw vegetables, vegetable wraps (he eats these for lunch), and almonds (Ryan admits that he eats too many almonds a day).

However, if you think that vegetables are the only food Ryan Seacrest eats, you are wrong. Ryan also indulges in dairy and fine cheeses! “If it’s stinky,” he said, “if it smells like dirty feet and makes you sweat when you eat it, I like it.” 

But what happens when Seacrest gets the late-night munchies? If you ask the famous American Idol host, this time is closer to breakfast, given his crazy weekly schedule. That means that at 2 AM, Ryan is more likely to get some almond butter in a jar than pizza.

He combines almond butter with a natural fruit spread, which he combines on two spoons and then double fists. “It’s kind of like peanut butter and jelly without the bread,” says Seacrest. It’s just like peanut butter and jelly only without both of them!

As for his exercise routine, Ryan Seacrest works out 4 to 5 days a week at Dogpound, which is an exclusive and one of the most Instagrammable NYC gyms.  At Dogpound, the host lifts and punches to hip hop, and then runs to opera music.

“I want to look stronger and larger than a thirteen-year-old kid,” Seacrest said when asked why he visits the gym so religiously. As it turns out, Ryan is not too worried about his weight. Instead, he is mostly looking to bulk. “They say television added pounds to you. Sure. I wish it added height.”

Ryan also said that his fitness goals include maintaining a healthy body, one that can manage so much work during the day. But also, he needs his health so he can live to see 100, “Not 105,” he clarifies. “Those last five years… who wants those?”

When it comes to his mental health, Ryan Seacrest explained that he stumbled upon a brand new nightly strategy. “I’ve discovered this thing that I didn’t do for the first 40 years of my life. It’s called ‘sleep.’ I’ve just discovered it, and I’m getting better at it.” Sounds like a good plan!

Speaking of mental health, self-care is very important. That’s why even Ryan Seacrest protects his time and energy, “I’ve learned, though, that I only have the capacity to engage in so much for certain amount of times, he said, and added, “I will only take a phone call interview or other requests after I get through the first half of the day. The afternoon is when I can think about things that are more long term.”


Dr. Tim Ioannides On: Dermatology, Preventative Care, and Medical Entrepreneurship

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Within the broad scope of the general medical field, countless dedicated professionals save lives, develop cures for otherwise fatal diseases, increase the quality of life for affected individuals, and perform preventative care to ensure that individuals can lead healthy, happy, and well-rounded lives. In their respective roles, these highly trained medical professionals spearhead innovative thought, dedicate their time and energy toward the betterment of society, partake in boundary-pushing research, and advance their fields with passion, vigor, and dedication. For many, however, boundaries and limitations can exist as a result of practicing under a large-scale conglomerate, or being reliant on corporate funding for research dedications. For others, perhaps they are unable to specialize in a particular niche due to demand issues, funding, or other factors outside of their control.

While some professionals remain comfortable working under the scope of those limitations, a few highly trained and dedicated medical professionals seek to parlay their passion for a niche medical practice on their own terms. With an entrepreneurial spirit in tow, these revolutionary medical professionals manifest their dreams via opening independently operated namesake practices, where they can not only provide the highest level of medical care, but do so on their own terms, specializing in procedures and disciplines that fuel their professional passions. In the case of Dr. Tim Ioannides, CEO and Founder of the thriving multi-location Treasure Coast Dermatology, developing his practice allowed the Medical Dermatologist to focus on medically driven dermatological procedures, in lieu of the more popular cosmetically driven procedures.

Tell us a little bit about your background, and education. What initially got you interested in dermatology?

Early within my undergraduate education, I knew that I wanted to go to medical school, and pursue Medical Dermatology specifically. I was always interested in the field of dermatology, specific skin conditions, and the continued prevalence of skin cancer on a global scale. Recognizing the vast advancements within the fields of medicine, combined with the integration of groundbreaking technology within the scope of medicine, I was excited to play a part in the ever-changing medical world. In the case of skin cancer, there are so many preventive and educational aspects related to reducing incident rates, and I knew I wanted to play a role in educating the general public about preventative care, empowering the local communities to protect their skin.

Thus, I completed my doctoral internship program at the University of Florida School of Medicine Health Science Center, and subsequently received my doctoral degree from the  University of Miami School of Medicine. From there, I completed my residency program via the University of Miami School of Medicine in the Department of Dermatology and Cutaneous Surgery at Jackson Memorial Hospital. I became Board Certified in dermatology by the American Board of Dermatology, and became a fellow member of the American Academy of Dermatology, the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery, the American Society for Mohs Surgery, the American Medical Association, and the Florida Society of Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery. These accreditations have allowed me to spearhead my career in Medical Dermatology, and to remain proactively involved in the field through continued accreditation, educational endeavors, and professional growth events.

You’re certified to perform specialized skin cancer surgery procedures, correct?

Yes, I perform Mohs Micrographic Surgery, which is considered the most effective surgical tool for successfully removing skin cancers. Essentially, this procedure is highly localized, and involves removing not only the cancerous tissue itself, but surrounding tissue that contains the “root” of the cancer. Sometimes, through the mere removal of only the skin cancer itself, “roots” of the cancer are left behind, and those remaining unhealthy cells can manifest themselves as recurring skin cancer. Thus, through removing the additional “root” area, we are able to provide a more comprehensive removal, until only healthy tissue is left. Additionally, this procedure allows licensed Medical Dermatologists to examine all of the tissue under a microscope, which is not the case with traditional skin cancer removal, where possibly affected surrounding tissue cannot be microscopically examined without removal. The effect, in turn, is the most effective skin cancer removal technique, which takes the least amount of skin to create the most fruitful outcome.

Obviously, this procedure is highly specialized, and requires practitioners to fulfill various criteria in order to be able to administer the procedure. Not only is specialized training required, but the procedure must be completed at a location properly equipped with the needed surgical, and laboratory equipment, as well as nursing staff trained in the procedure. As a firm believer in the efficacy of this procedure, especially on areas of the body where a recurrence of skin cancer would be devastating, I am proud to be certified in Mohs Surgery, and utilize the procedure for the benefit of my patients.

 After you completed your formal education, you entered the workforce for an established Dermatological practice before developing your own practice. What was that experience like? What led you to spearhead your own venture?

Post-matriculation, I did initially work for an already-established Dermatological practice. As a part of the team, I did gain vastly valuable insights regarding the field, and the ways in which offices are internally operated. Not only did my technical skills grow within this position, but I also gained the practical confidence that comes from routinely administering procedures, and actively being involved in the field. In addition to these technical skills, I did gain valuable soft skills in terms of effective office leadership, client interaction, and general understanding of best practices within the world of Dermatology.

While I was happy within this role, I recognized that I was not entirely professionally satisfied with my daily scope of work. Specifically, I wanted to provide medically driven Dermatological services, including the medical care of various skin conditions, and medical care for skin cancers. At the time, my days were spent predominantly engaging in cosmetically driven procedures, including administering fillers, implants, and facials. Though these procedures certainly have an impact on individuals, they just didn’t satisfy what I felt to be my professional calling in life. However, in the realm of dermatology, medically driven procedures were also stable sources of valuable income, which is integral to successfully operating a practice. Thus, I completely understood the delicate balance between garnering satisfactory income to keep the proverbial doors open, and being able to engage in meaningful medical driven dermatological work. I recognized my passions, and decided to pursue them to their fullest potential, resounding to open Treasure Coast Dermatology, and swiftly pivot to a medical model that only includes medically based services.

You opened Treasure Coast Dermatology with a single brick-and-mortar location that swiftly expanded to multiple locations. What was the initial process like? Did you have any hesitations?

I opened Treasure Coast Dermatology over fifteen years ago, with a concise vision for a practice that focused on specific skin concerns, and was dedicated to empowering patients, building long-term relationships with patients, and developing the type of communication that would allow patients to parlay their fears, changes in skin conditions, and other self-reporting that is crucial within the realm of Medical Dermatology. As with most other disciplines within the medical field, practitioners are highly skilled, but patients themselves can sometimes be the first ones to recognize small changes that can be indicative of potential concerns. Yet, many patients find it difficult to spearhead their medical inquiries, and advocate for their needs. Thus, I wanted Treasure Coast Dermatology to embody this spirit of personal empowerment.

In the beginning, I recognized the importance of garnering positive cash flow, and ensuring that the business side of things was flourishing, prior to fully specializing in only medically driven procedures. Thus, I did perform some cosmetically driven procedures within the initial stages of business development, and as soon as Treasure Coast Dermatology was financially stable, I pivoted to offering solely medically driven procedures.

Like every other entrepreneur who delves into business ownership, I sometimes fell victim to doubting my choices, especially early in the process of developing Treasure Coast Dermatology. After all, I was a licensed Medical Dermatologist, not a professional businessman! However, I trusted my instincts, followed my professional passions, relied on common sense practices, and believed that my dedication to patients would create an environment that would be conducive to overall health, wellness, and a positive patient experience. With this in mind, I forged full steam ahead, and the rest followed.

What practices set Treasure Coast Dermatology apart from other medical practices? How important are these practices toward the overall success of your practice?

I’m a firm believer in the power of face-to-face interaction within the process of building a lasting patient-prescriber relationship. For that reason, even within a fast-paced practice, I make sure to physically see each patient personally, rather than utilizing support staff throughout patient appointments. Many times, this becomes standard procedure for various bustling practices, but certainly takes away from the ideal atmosphere for creating long-term relationships with patients. Thus, I truly believe that providing face-to-face interaction is crucial in differentiating Treasure Coast Dermatology from other medical practices.

Additionally, within the scope of our multiple offices, the need for vastly effective communication is vital to the success of the business as a whole. Though each practice is independently operational, there is obviously cross-over at times, and being able to seamlessly communicate between offices allows all staff to be on the same page, a key for success within this type of medical atmosphere. Given these parameters, I have learned to create an optimal team environment, and lead the charge in maintaining highly motivated staff, with team goals that align with the overall company goals.

Along with these practices, you also implemented a strict “no electronics” policy during patient visits. What was your reasoning behind this move? How does it impact your company?

In the spirit of dedicating face-to-face time to patients, I considered it a great disservice to then spend half of that time peering into a monitor, rather than providing my undivided attention to the patient. In a thoroughly modern scenario, patients often describe a physician visit as being less than satisfactory as a result of feeling “unheard”, or otherwise undervalued. This can be grossly attributed to medical practitioners often typing away at a keyboard for several minutes, or seemingly remaining focused on completing patient notes throughout the appointment itself. While I understand the immense need for proactive time management tactics in order to see multiple patients daily, I truly believe that this practice of being constantly attached to the computer is more detrimental than it is positive.

For these reasons, I have implemented the policy wherein all staff does not utilize the assistance of computers during patient visits. Collectively, we feel confident that this lessens distractions throughout the visit, and increases patient confidence in their appointment, the medical professionals involved in their care, and the efficacy of their appointment. In our practice, small changes in moles can signify potential life-threatening cancers, and thus, patient self-reporting can be a very proactive tool in identifying these concerns early in their development, and effectively treating skin cancers. In order for patients to feel confident self-reporting minute changes, however, a proactively positive patient-prescriber relationship must exist. Having unbridled face-to-face communication with patients helps to foster this type of relationship, which plays a pivotal role in patient care.

From a streamlining and time-management perspective, many people believe that being electronically active throughout a patient appointment is the only way to effectively conduct the day without falling behind. However, this is certainly not the case, and Treasure Coast Dermatology acts as an active example of utilizing alternative practices without sacrificing appropriate time management. Throughout each patient visit, we utilize audio recording for note taking purposes, which is later transcribed into effective nursing notes. This allows us to parlay the desired face-to-face interaction, whilst still maintaining effective nursing notes to provide patients with the highest level of care. In a way, this “retro” method can be considered new and revolutionary again, as it certainly is not the norm within today’s tech-prominent medical practices.

How do you build long-term relationships with clients?

As I’ve previously mentioned, we strive to provide patients with our undivided attention, bespoke care, and an overall experience conducive to building trust. In addition to providing valuable facetime for all patients, we also aim to provide empowering educational tools for all patients, providing them with the knowledge to not only self-advocate, but engage in best practices to retain happy, healthy, and active. We spend a great amount of time educating patients toward recognizing specific identifiable symptoms, practicing various methods of care, and taking otherwise tangible actions toward maintaining wellness.

Additionally, we take patient feedback very seriously, and act on specific patient feedback to create an atmosphere that patients request, enjoy, and expect. From things that can be easily changed, like switching television programming in waiting rooms, to complicated feats, like offering new procedures that patients request, we take great measures to ensure that patient feedback is implemented to the best of our abilities. Not only does this allow patients to feel heard, it somewhat helps us to customize the experience in a manner that is obviously desired by patients.

How important is team morale? How do you build it? What factors are important when working with large teams?

Staff morale is integral toward overall success within a multi-location practice, as various team members must effectively interact to ensure successful operations on a daily basis. Each team member plays an integral role in the overall success of the business as a whole, and each team member is vastly valued. We build a positive team morale by valuing each staff member, and reiterating ways in which their individual talents are integral to operations. We all work hard, and maintain a patient-first approach, which helps to keep staff in the right frame of mind. Often, it can be easy to be swept up in the fast-moving realm of medicine, and overwhelmed by the constant stream of work. Thus, we constantly remind ourselves of the innate motivation that led us to this field in the first place, and our collective desire to truly help people in need.

Early on, I also learned the importance of placing the wellbeing of the entire team above the personal wellbeing of an individual. For example, one talented individual may be an asset to the team by providing exceptional service, but can also be vastly detrimental to the entire team by maintaining a generally poor attitude, or by lacking motivation to work together with the remainder of the team. In this case, succumbing to the desires of this one particular individual to not work in tandem with the team can cause greater damage to the entirety of the team, versus the potential short-term damage caused by the need to replace said individual. By pivoting the approach to a team-first methodology, we were able to effectively staff a team of talented individuals that thrive independently, but also work beautifully together as a team. Since these initial growing pains, I was able to successfully develop, and maintain, an amazing team that lends itself perfectly to the overall mission statement at Treasure Coast Dermatology.

Apart from your daily duties at Treasure Coast Dermatology, what other industry related aspects are you involved in?

In an earnest effort to “pay it forward”, I lend my time to teach future generations of Medical Dermatologists at my alma mater. As a Voluntary Associate Professor at the University of Miami School of Medicine, I teach courses related to the specialty of dermatological surgery, reconstructive surgery, and other niche topics related directly to Medical Dermatology. As I work in a highly specialized field, I am honored to be able to bestow pertinent insights onto the next generation of professionals.

Additionally, I like to lend my professional experiences for the good of propelling the field of Medical Dermatology into the future. Recently, I was fortunate to provide research associated with a prospective skin cancer vaccine. Within the research stages, the vaccine was proven effective, and could be a revolutionary game changer in the realm of skin cancer. Easily, taking this vaccine to market would be the biggest breakthrough in the world of dermatology throughout my lifetime. In a forward-thinking manner, the vaccine treats skin cancer cells as though they were a virus, and works by providing a similar approach to eradicating a virus. With successes in the trial phase, the implementation of this vaccine within the general market could be somewhat imminent, and would undoubtedly provide a life-saving service for countless individuals. On a worldwide scale, skin cancer continues to be an epidemic, and remains deadly in many cases, especially when discovered at a late stage. Thus, an effective vaccine will be revolutionary!

Where do you think the future of dermatology is headed?

As globalization continues to change the manner in which humans interact in every aspect, I am confident that the realm of Medical Dermatology will benefit from the increased human connection that occurs through globalization. With increased communication, sharing of ideas on a global scale, and ability to combine forces for the betterment of all individuals, the field will amass worldwide usable data collections, and medical professionals will be able to utilize global resources to propel the field forward.

Additionally, the increased utilization of technology will continue to dictate the field, and propel things that were previously considered impossible. As technology continues to become increasingly intuitive, its implementation within the medical field becomes useful in many different applications. Thus, utilizing technology for the purpose of garnering fruitful results will continue to drive innovation within the realm of Medical Dermatology. By being able to manipulate outcomes on a cellular level, many skin conditions can potentially become eradicated, or treated in a highly effective manner previously unseen. Personally, I’m enthralled to play a professional part throughout this very exciting time in the medical field, and am looking forward to the continued growth of the Medical Dermatology field.

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Baby Air Travel FAQ – Brandless

September 29, 2019 - By 

Traveling with a baby can be challenging but sometimes it is necessary. Brandless is here to help with practical answers to three of the most frequently asked questions that parents have about traveling with a baby on the airport.

Can I Keep My Baby In My Soft Body Carrier When I Go Through Airport Security?

Luckily, the TSA agents will allow you to pass through the body scanner while still wearing your baby. Please note that this will not work if you are wearing a sling  with a ring because the metal will set off the metal detector. If you choose this option, the TSA agents will likely test your hands for explosive residue and gun powder but you won’t have to go to the trouble of taking your baby out of a stroller and putting her back in again which of course can cause her great stress. Some mothers are actually able to nurse with the baby still in the body carrier. This is very convenient when traveling through a busy airport and you won’t have to worry so much because your baby will remain right there with you at all times.

2. How Do I Keep My Baby’s Ears From Popping On the Plane?

You’ll often hear babies crying as the plane takes off and lands. This is because the cabin pressure changes the most at this time and a baby’s ears may hurt or even pop. You can prevent this by giving her a bottle or encouraging her to suck on a pacifier during these times, as swallowing helps alleviate ear popping. You could also give her a Brandless Organic Food Baby Pouch around this time to encourage swallowing. Just be sure that your baby is sitting up while she sucks on the pouch so she doesn’t choke. Brandless Organic Baby Pouches come in several flavors that babies love:

– Organic Mango
- Organic Pear

- Organic Apple Sauce

– Organic Strawberry Apple Sauce 

– Organic Apple, Green Bean, and Brocoli 

- Organic Pear, Spinach, Kale, and Pea

- Organic Pear, Blueberry, Purple Carrot, and Milled Chia
– Organic Pear, Banana, Pumpkin, and Squash

Please note: you’ll need to put these Brandless baby food pouches through the security check because they’re technically considered liquids (or gels) but you won’t need to put them in plastic bags because they’re baby food and this is an exception to the TSA liquid rule. Further, Brandless food pouches are very clearly labelled as baby food. You are not limited on the quantity of baby food pouches you can take on board the plane either but they do stuff nicely into suitcases too!

3. Can I Carry Baby Wipes and Diapers On the Plane?

Yes, you can! Even though baby wipes are “wet,” they don’t count as liquids. You’ll be happy to know that Brandless baby wipes do not contain alcohol, parabens, phthalates, silicones, or sulfates. They are moist due to water and aloe vera which is soothing to a baby’s delicate skin. Brandless diapers come in six sizes and are latex free, chlorine free, and fragrances free. Please note that Brandless baby rash cream and Brandless baby lotions will need to be treated like any other liquid so check with your airline for specific rules. You’ll likely need to put them in plastic bags.

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How To Save Money, Follow Your Ethics, Avoid The Brand Tax, And Go Brandless

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In 2017, a fledgling company called “Brandless” got started. The co-founders, Tina Sharkey and Ido Leffler, had a novel idea. While other start-ups were busy spending Big Bucks on building a brand and trying to achieve a “brand following,” the Brandless co-founders decided to go the opposite way. They felt that modern shoppers cared a lot more about finding products that aligned with their own personal values than any intensely marketed brand name. Given their tremendous success over three short years, they are proving they were right!

Let’s take a look at a few examples of how people shop by their values rather than focusing on the brand name:

Many shoppers have made a personal commitment to never buy food containing GMO ingredients. This includes genetically modified ingredients like GMO canola oil, GMO soy lecithin, and GMO corn. So, from the beginning, all of Brandless’ food products were GMO-free and they always will be. Kudos!

2. Some parents care deeply about avoiding feeding their children any food laced with pesticides, herbicides, and other industrial contaminants. To avoid feeding their families these toxins, they shop for USDA certified organic products that are required by law to follow certain standards that avoid these toxins. More than half of all Brandless food items are USDA certified organic. Cool!

3. Many women want to buy only cruelty free makeup and they feel bad if their personal care products hurt the environment in any way. Brandless offers makeup and personal care products that are never tested on animals. They’ve also made a commitment to exclude hundreds of chemicals from their products that are destructive to the environment. Way to go!

What Is the Brand Tax & Why Is It Important?

Companies spend millions of dollars building a brand and “engaging” with potential customers and existing customers to build and maintain a loyalty to that brand. They pass this massive expense on to their customers. This is why you pay more when you buy a brand name product. In fact, there’s a dirty little secret that many so called “generic” products are actually just lessor known brands… but there’s still plenty of money going into branding these so called “generic” products and that expense is being passed on to the customer. Brandless calls the expense of branding that is passed on to the consumer the “brand tax” — and they are absolutely right! 

Brandless doesn’t have a brand tax! Instead of spending Big Dollars on logo design, building a brand, maintaining brand recognition, and striving for brand dominance, Brandless focuses on catering to the values that shoppers truly care about. The three examples above are proof of this. In doing so, Brandless doesn’t have to spend Big Money on branding! Therefore, they can keep their prices lower, while at the same time, offering much higher quality products that consistently deliver on the values people want.

Brandless became instantly famous because they were selling all their high quality products for only $3. This low price tag included organic products and earth friendly products that are normally sold for much higher prices. Now, they also offer $9 products and these items too are far less expensive than you’d expect for the high quality products they are selling. Additionally, Brandless also uses some of the money they save by not focusing on branding to support good causes like food banks and homeless shelters, contributions that their customers believe are important.


In essence, Brandless has made it much more convenient for consumers to shop their conscience without breaking the bank! In case you’re wondering, Brandless sells mostly online but also through pop-up shops around the United States.  If you’re a Brandless member, you can get free shipping for online orders over $48. Non-members can get free shipping for online orders over $72. Check out this forward thinking company’s fair-trade coffee, earth friendly diapers, non-toxic pet supplies, tree free paper products, organic foods, and so much more. Soon, they’ll be offering CBD oil and they’re constantly adding to their product line.


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