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January 5, 2021 0

Bryan Cranston Shines In His New Crime Drama, “Your Honor”

By Stephen Callahan

Recently, television star Bryan Cranston starred in a limited series called “Your Honor.” Although reviews have varied, most reviewers seem fairly open to this bold new series. In the series, Cranston plays a judge who risks everything in order to save his child from the consequences of a criminal act. After a lifetime of playing by the rules, this judge must learn to walk on the wild side to save his family. read more

December 17, 2020 0

Actress Kate Flannery Recalls Details of One of Her Most Famous Scenes from The Office

By Stephen Callahan

The Office is regarded as one of the best sitcoms of the modern age. Despite being known for biting workplace satire, The Office sometimes strayed from the trappings of a typical sitcom and mixed comedy with drama. One of the most infamous examples of the more serious side of the show was when Steve Carrell’s Michael hit Dunder Mifflin co-worker Meredith Palmer, played by Kate Flannery, with his car in the opening shot of the season four premiere. While the incident is one of the most shocking scenes from The Office, there was even more drama surrounding it behind the scenes. In a new interview with co-stars Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey on the Office Ladies podcast, Flannery revealed some surprising bits of information about the now iconic scene. read more