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Ben Melkman Established Light Sky Macro After Stellar Career With Major Financial Firms

December 16, 2019 - By 

A graduate of the London School of Economics and Politics, Ben Melkman set out after earning his degree with honors to make waves in the world of high finance. Among his first positions was with Deutsche Bank in 2003. After gaining invaluable investment banking experience with Deutsche, he accepted a position with Morgan Stanley. There he would earn a reputation as a man who understood the complexities of managing money for a world-class financial institution. read more


Lemonade Insurance Is Handling Insurance Differently

December 13, 2019 - By 

Lemonade Insurance is an insurance company in New York that is operating in a way that is different from many of the other companies out there. This company works to get money to its clients as quickly as it can when they file a claim. This company is focused on being transparent and open with its current clients and with all of its potential clients. This insurance company is using technology to make sure that it is serving all of its clients in the best way possible. Those who purchase a policy through Lemonade Insurance can know that it will be easy for them to deal with the company and that the work of filing a claim through them will be fast to complete. read more


You Can’t Go Wrong With Paul Griff’s System Of Leasing Salons For Beauticians Who Want To Run Their Own Operations

December 3, 2019 - By 

The Mosaic Salon Group is one of the Evergreen State’s most well-known beauty parlors. It has been in operation for over two decades, with married couple Nancy and Paul Griff atop the business network’s corporate ladder. As a matter of fact, they, together, founded the Washington-based ring of salons! read more


Wildfox Couture LLC Offers A Variety Of Clothing Items

December 2, 2019 - By 

Wildfox Couture LLC offers free shipping to those customers who are ordering their clothing items from the United States, and they allow people the chance to get free expedited shipping when they spend a certain amount on their website. This clothing line was launched by Jimmy Sommers back in 2008, and it is meant to offer women comfortable and effortless clothing options that help them feel confident. Jimmy Sommers is the current CEO of the company that he founded, and he helps women have access to graphic tees and tanks, as well as sweaters and sunglasses. read more


Brian Tambi Brings New Innovation In The Pharmaceutical Industry

November 27, 2019 - By 

Brian Tambi is an expert investor who has invested in the various organizations in the United States of America and other parts of the world. Brian has held different executive positions in many companies, apart from investing his cash in several firms in the medical sector. Initially, Brian worked as the president and the Chief Executive Officer of Antrim Pharmaceuticals. His leadership skills saw Antrim rise to be a world-class pharmaceuticals company. This firm earned him a positive reputation and acquired a lot of wealth, especially after disposing of the company. read more


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