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November 27, 2020 0

The Latest Coronavirus Updates in the United States

By Stephen Callahan

Coronavirus pandemic has brought drastic impacts to the world economy and every sector of life. For instance, in the United States, schools were shut down, and we are now expecting a new phase reopening of schools. Since the outbreak of this infection, there has been in person and remote learning. On October 31, 2020, during a campaign rally in Florida, Trump announced that he would fire Antony Fauci after the elections. This remark was backed up by most of his supporters, who seemed to be very happy about that decision. In the last week, the United States recorded over 569 350 new coronavirus cases. This is according to the data analysis made by John Hopkins University. read more

November 26, 2020 0

Latest Coronavirus Updates in the US

By Stephen Callahan

A few weeks ago, the number of Coronavirus cases in the United States was at 8 million. Recently, the number of Coronavirus cases has risen to 9 million, according to the analysis done by John Hopkins University. The study proved that the rate at which the virus is spreading is very alarming. Recently, there have been 88,521 confirmed Coronavirus cases in a single day. Considering the data received on Thursday, the number of confirmed cases in the previous week was 536 131. The research done by John Hopkins University data shows that the virus negatively impacts all 47 states. Of the 47 states, 41 are highly infected. read more

November 25, 2020 0

Best in Person Voting Tips for Safe Voting on the US Election Day

By Stephen Callahan

Today, several citizens in the United States are headed to their respective polls stations to exercise their democratic rights, which is casting a ballot. However, one of the challenges voters face is contracting the Coronavirus because of failure to meet the social distancing rule while queuing. This becomes a serious problem, especially when those close to you are not wearing their face masks. According to the CNN investigations, certain states are not serious about wearing face masks to control the spread of the virus while casting their ballots. There have been concerns whether those who cast votes should be put in isolation to be tested whether they are safe from the virus. read more