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February 19, 2020 0

Tom Chang MD Doing Away With Dilation

By Stephen Callahan

The Acuity Eye Group’s 360 Advanced Vision Center’s latest program reimagines eyecare. Led by Tom Chang MD, the initiative is designed to allow patients to get the eye exams they desire in a comfortable atmosphere without dilation, long waits, or even having to make an appointment in advance. The initiative stems from noticing that many people lack the proper vision appointments due to the planning required. It’s an inconvenience to have your eyes dilated. Using the most innovative technology available, this is no longer a concern. read more

January 6, 2020 0

UPDATE: Interview with Anesthesiologist, Alddo Molinar

By Stephen Callahan


Since the release of this interview, we’ve received plenty of interest about the views of Dr. Alddo Molinar with respect to technological advances in the field of medicine. As detailed below, the doctor has long been a proponent of spreading the use of technology in his work as an anesthesiologist and in the hospitals at which he practices medicine. An example of this in the past has been his efforts to further the integration of digital medical records so that medical facilities could access these records in a timely and efficient manner. read more

November 26, 2019 0

LifeWave Las Vegas Conference Brings Opportunity

By Stephen Callahan

LifeWave, a wellness company created with the goal of helping people feel better, look younger, and lead more joyful lives, has a growing history of providing opportunities to those seeking to build personal businesses. The company counts on a large network of distributors to get the word out about its line of products, and those distributors, in turn, benefit from that relationship by reaching their business goals. As the company prepares for its upcoming international gathering in Las Vegas, we took the opportunity to examine the company and its products in greater depth. This overview can be helpful for those interested in exploring business opportunities with the organization. read more