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April 26, 2021 0

How Oprah Winfrey is Changing the Art of Media Interviews

By Stephen Callahan

In the entertainment world today, there are very many individuals who are currently coming up with some very entertaining aspects and approaches that have left very many individuals surprised at their approaches. These are the individuals who have been defining various issues that have not been very common in the industry in the last few years. It is important to indicate that such individuals have been doing everything to make sure that the entertainment sector has a new face that has not been very common. read more

April 12, 2021 0

Patrick Mahomes Looking to Cash in On NFT Boom

By Stephen Callahan

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is jumping in on the current trend of non-fungible tokens. Patrick Mahomes is now going to sell collectible non-fungible tokens. Next week, he will be selling NFT tokens in a display called the “Museum of Mahomes”. This sale will take place on the Makersplace Digital Art Platform. read more

April 8, 2021 0

Samuel Chibuike Speaks About His Marketing Career Journey on the Business Insider Africa Series

By Stephen Callahan

Samuel Chibuike is the Head of Growth and Marketing, Bloom Africa. Samuel, who acknowledged he didn’t initially plan to become a marketer, said he had to do on-the-job learning and attend several marketing workshops to master the ins and outs of marketing. Throughout his marketing career, Chibuike has worked in different sectors, including transportation and education. In an exclusive interview with Business Insider Africa, he states some of the books that have helped him overcome fear and failures to become a better marketer. Chibuike also mentions that these books have enabled him to identify, analyze, and correct some of his failures and have seen him achieve more as a modern marketer. read more

January 26, 2021 0

Pope Francis Discusses the Moral Benefits of Getting COVID-19 Vaccination

By Stephen Callahan

Since the coronavirus outbreak, there have been a considerable number of conspiracy theories trying to allocate blames on everything possible out there in the world. Some people have been saying that China deliberately manufactured the virus as a biological weapon. Others have been saying that everything has to do with the current trade wars between China and the United States. However, as the trends have shown, the blame has now turned to the use of vaccine doses that are rolling out in different parts of the world. read more