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August 27, 2020 0

Cameron Diaz Explains Reasons for Quitting Acting

By Stephen Callahan

In a recent interview with Gwyneth Paltrow, on the In goop Health: The Sessions show, Cameron Diaz revealed that she found a lot of peace when she chose to retire from acting. The former Hollywood actress moved into the wine business after leaving Hollywood. She explained the changes that happened to her as she got older, pushing her to make different choices for herself. She realized and became more aware of her acting career’s impacts on her relationships and overall well-being. read more

July 27, 2020 0

Interview with Anesthesiologist, Alddo Molinar

By Stephen Callahan


Alddo Molinar is an attending anesthesiologist at both Ohio Valley Medical Center and East Ohio Regional Hospital. As a first-generation U.S. citizen born to Mexican parents, expectations were high for him during his childhood growing up in Texas. However, it was clear from an early age that he had a natural aptitude that would allow him to not only meet but also exceed those expectations. read more

July 16, 2020 0

Tom Brady Talks About His Time at New England Patriots and the Overall Overview of the Hard Work Needed to Succeeded in NFL

By Stephen Callahan

When it comes to discussing some of the leading quarterbacks in the National Football League (NFL), very few names will be mentioned alongside Tom Brady. He is a different sportsman who has excelled in his career and has gained a reputation for his professionalism, commitment, and hard work, which he has always put forward when supporting his team towards winning one of the most lucrative trophies in North America. He is an example of longevity and loyalty in sports, which is something that is becoming rare each day. read more

July 14, 2020 0

Chris O’Dowd says “Imagine Video” fell flat

By Stephen Callahan

It may sometimes feel like celebrities live untouched by the problems of our own lives, but Coronavirus has reminded us that we’re all the same. In the early days of the quarantine, a bunch of celebrities got together virtually under the direction of Gal Godot and Kristen Wiig to sing “Imagine” by John Lennon. But to many, it came across a tone-deaf. One of those people is Chris O’Dowd. While O’Dowd actually made an appearance in the video, the story he tells is one of good intentions that were completely out of touch with the public. read more