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July 2, 2020 0

Prince William Celebrates Father’s Day With His Children

By Stephen Callahan

The English monarchy is an enduring institution that is known all over the world. For over a thousand years, the United Kingdom has had a form of government involving royalty in some way. Today’s monarchy remains close to the heart of the English people. Polls show the family is held in wide regard by a large swath of the British public. Many people today find the monarchy a comforting source of stability in a difficult time. The monarchy consists of many people. At the head lies Queen Elizabeth II. After taking over from her father in her twenties, she has been the face of this institution for decades. Elizabeth II is not only the Queen of the United Kingdom and the head of the Commonwealth of Nations. She is also a mother of four children, grandmother of eight and great-grandmother of eight. While still strong and healthy in her ninth decade, once she passes away, she will succeeded in her governmental role by her family members. read more

June 27, 2020 0

Will Smith Talks about Becoming a Better Father to Willow

By Stephen Callahan

Parenting is challenging and requires excellent balancing skills with a clear mind that calls for open-mindedness. As much as a parent should enforce punishment for wrongdoing, it is also essential to have a listening ear and exercise empathy. Failure to do so, calls for protest from the young ones and all in the name of attention. A balance in parenting skills will ensure that any issues within the family are ironed out. read more

June 26, 2020 0

How Elon Musk’s Brother is Transforming Farming?

By Stephen Callahan

Currently, factory processed foods are facing rage as the vertical farms are increasingly being established. Vertical farming depicts the indoor method of farming, where the grown crops are stacked in layers that do not have soil. The practice is increasing, especially among the urban cities where the residents require fresh farm produce and have no land for farming practices. The world is rapidly conforming to this type of farming due to its ability to conserve the environment while delivering the best quality farm produce. read more