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President Emanuel Macron is no longer the popular figure he was some few months ago. He has made some decisions that have contradicted his manifesto when he convinced the French People to vote for him. The recent decrease in popularity is as a result of the housing cuts that were proposed on Monday. By order of the president, the government announced that a particular house benefit would be subjected to a 5 Euro cut every month. This is a project that is expected to affect millions of citizens from the country including students. To make the situation worse, the new policy is expected to affect people living below the poverty line.

The move by Emmanuel Macron was criticized by Louis Gallos who happens to be working with various organizations in the country dealing with poverty. He slammed this move terming it as a death sentence to the poor to whom even a single Euro matters. To aggravate the situation further, close to a million students will be affected by the decision. Student leaders on their behalf have threatened that there will be consequences if the government does not withdraw the move instantly. They also threatened that they would join the labor protests that are being held in the coming months jeopardizing Macron’s main agenda.

However, a representative of Emanuel Macron said that this move was necessary to reduce public spending. At the same time, it’s a necessary move if France is to reduce its current deficit. Emanuel Macron also defended himself saying that this is a move that had been decided by the previous government. However, the Socialist ministers were quick to deny these allegations terming them as lies. Emanuel Macron is being accused of targeting the poor and the underprivileged. The opposition also accused Macron and his administration of favoring the rich people in the country.

The president has also been accused by the opposition for betraying his manifesto. These allegations came after he had proposed the budget cuts to start immediately. Following the criticism and the outcry by the French people, Macron announced that the cuts would be postponed up to next year. All these activities have culminated to a popularity drop of the president by a value of 10 percent. He comes second to Jacques Chirac in loosing popularity at such a rate in just three months. Experts say that the decisions have resulted in the drop in popularity. This is unlike the suggestions that his personality is taking the better part of him.

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