How to find your twitter unfollowers?

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In today’s era hardly anyone who doesn’t use social media site Twitter. It’s a good way to share thoughts, interact with Peoples worldwide, Find trending news, and much more. It incredibly useful tool in the social world. Maybe if you’re one who doesn’t use this site let me introducing about this social platform. If you’re active member of twitter, you better know most of the peoples are follow you to get your follow after that they unfollowed you. This condition is really annoying.  I can’t help you in decreasing your followers but yes, some tools could help you to find your twitter un followers and about whom, who don’t follow you back.



There are following tools that help you in tracking all Twitter activity:


It’s a fantastic follower and unfollowers tracking app. Log in to your twitter account and take advantage of this app. This is not only informing about twitter activity but also you can track your Instagram activity.


1. Recent followers

2. Recent unfollowers

3. Who doesn’t follow back?

4. Who don’t you follow back?

5. Find Peoples with the same interest to grow your list with similar followers.

6.Schedule your tweets (Save tweets for future to auto tweet)

7. Inactive users

8. Your tweets stats

9. Auto direct message (Auto DM)

10. Friendship checker



This is the single tool that I’ve seen not only track twitter and Instagram activity but also track Tumblr activity. To discover your twitter unfollowers login with your twitter account.


1. View twitter activity in your desired form. See screenshot below;

2. Find your fans

3. Find your friends

4. Find followers and unfollowers.


This tool is only used to tracking twitter activity but contains lots of features. Just log in with your twitter account and enter in amazing site:


1. Audience:

2. Tweets:

3. Interaction

4. Services

5. Setting



It offers various features on a single screen and really nice way to discover your followers and tracking your twitter world activity. See screenshots to better convenience.

This is one of the best apps that I really like and I would like to recommend you to keep your eye on your twitter account.


It also offers lots of features within a single click. You just need login with your twitter account and authorization is necessary.It’s a complete neat & clean setup to track your activity with simple way.



This is a most popular tool that not only available for desktop but also its app is available for android. It provides you full information about twitter activity and Instagram activity.


1. You can discover Peoples with similar business and interest

2. Find inactive Peoples for 1, 3, and 6 months

3. Send auto DM,

4. Schedule tweets

5. Track follower and unfollower, and lots of other features.

6. Before to use it, see screenshot get more information about it:



This is also a twitter and Instagram activity tracking tool but it contains fewer features than unfollowspy. You have to Log in with your twitter account to know about your unfollowers on twitter.


1. Unfollowers

2. Who you don’t follow back

3. Who don’t follow you back?

4. Total followers and following


It’s available with few features and for those who want to keep their eye on just unfollowers. It’s mostly similar to unfollowergram. I don’t have anything to describe it. Just see screenshot:



It’s available for android users and you can download it from Google play. If you want the track you twitter or Instagram activity through your android device, I would like to recommend you. All features are same as its desktop version.


You can also download it from Google play. It also tracks twitter and Instagram activity and very simple and light app. It’s available with limited features. See screenshot:


The main reason that I know “Twitter has a policy you can freely follow up to 2000 people but once you reach your limit you can’t follow more people until having at least 1800 followers.” If Peoples are not unfollowed you how will they get the opportunity to connect with more followers?

I have used all tools that I described above. And all Twitter unfollowers tools is working correctly at the time of publishing this post. So pick any of tools without any confusion.


If you’re business owner or blogger , you better know how social media is helpful to growing your customer or traffic towards your site. Sharing content with thousands of followers at once isn’t the only benefit of social media for business. Small businesses all over the world have been discovering the ways social media can contribute to success. Social media helps you get customer feedback instantly, Improving market intelligence, and increase in search ranking.

But it’s not easy to keep up to date your all social media with fresh content alone. If you’re also looking for tool or service that manage all your social media profile keep up to date with fresh content regularly then you can hire professional from the freelancing site they could help you. But you’ve to pay to take their service. Another social media management tool is free that’s a social searcher. By the help of social searcher you can social monitor of the brand and find anything from various social sites at a single online place like as feedback of users on various social media, what going on trending on various social media, and other deep analytic data.


If you’ve any question or suggestion regarding this post, you’re free to ask me by dropping in the comment box below. Please share this topic around your network.

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