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Striving to become a professional racquetball player is an admirable goal that will give you satisfaction and pride for the rest of your life. Most people can become professional racquetball players if they are willing to dedicate sufficient time and energy into improving themselves both in terms of physical fitness and on the court. Very few people who endeavor to become professionals in racquetball succeed, but the rewards associated with success are distributed in proportion to the adversity that was overcome along the way.


Almost all athletes make the mistake of failing to conduct sufficient research before initiating their quest to becoming a professional, and this can lead to disappointment and giving up. You should first ask yourself what your reasons are for seeking to become a professional.

If you are intrinsically motivated, you may be searching for self-fulfillment or a sense of accomplishment. If, on the other hand, you are seeking to acquire wealth, it will be necessary to approach the process of becoming a professional from a business standpoint to maximize your future income. In order to make a plan for moving forward and to ensure that you are seeking a goal that will yield the results you are seeking, it is critical to start by researching the potential avenues that you can pursue.


You will fail to make any serious progress as an athlete unless you develop a specific plan for improvement. Enhancing athletic performance requires long-term discipline in following a specific training plan. To ensure optimal results from the time you invest into training on a daily basis, it is critical that you follow a plan designed to achieve long-term improvement.

In many cases, it can be a good idea to work with an actual racquetball professional to make sure that your plan will get results. Many professionals can share valuable insights about how they got to the level they have reached. Moreover, having someone with experience to verify that your plan is sound can increase your chances of reaching the professional level. Your focus should be on developing a general plan since the specifics can be determined along the way.


Almost every athlete who has become a successful professional attributes their success to a coach who taught them to be their best while keeping them motivated. You will need to find a great coach in order to become a successful professional in racquetball. Local racquetball clubs can sometimes have professional coaches that can help you along the way, but you should remember that you will need the best coaches available to become a successful professional.

It is often necessary to travel significant distances to find the right coach for your situation. You may even need to relocate in order to be close to a range of coaches. The best way to find a coach is to ask around for referrals. Before hiring a coach, you should look into the candidate’s background and conduct a series of interviews to ensure that they are the right match for you.


One of the most critical requirements for becoming a professional racquetball player is getting into excellent physical shape. If you really want to be a professional, you will have to get in better shape than almost anyone you encounter at your local racquetball club. Many people who strive to become professional racquetball players underestimate how strong they will need to be in order to stand a chance at competing with the professionals.

Even if someone possesses unusual talent or skill, reaching the top levels of the racquetball world is only possible by first getting into shape. Plan on working out for at least a few hours each day as you push your body to its maximum performance through regimented and strenuous workouts. Additionally, you cannot expect to get in great shape overnight, so it will take several years to get yourself in good enough shape where you will be able to compete with the professionals.


Once you have established your plan and put together a team of people who will help you along the way, the next step is to start improving your skills. In addition to working out, you will need to do an extraordinary amount of racquetball practice to reach the professional level.

The reality is that there are limits to how much a person can learn about racquetball from reading and even coaching. The only way to really improve your skills is to get some experience on the court on a regular basis. As you practice, you will begin to become a better player as you incorporate new techniques you learn about into your routine.


If you could afford to take years off from work to become a professional racquetball player, there is little doubt that you would have the time to be among the best. Unfortunately, most people cannot afford to do nothing but practice racquetball. People seeking to become professional racquetball players will, therefore, need to secure some form of income along the way that will take minimal hours away from critical practice time.

The best way to fund your journey to becoming a professional racquetball player is to find a sponsor. You will find it easier to acquire sponsorships as you advance closer to the professional level. Until you are good enough that companies will pay you to promote their products, one of the best channels for funding is to work as a coach. Although you may not yet be as good as the coach you will be hiring to become a true professional, a relatively simple understanding of racquetball is all that most amateur players need to start learning the sport. It will be easy to find a job as a coach early along your journey to becoming a professional.


Sawyer Howitt is an entrepreneurial athlete who has been focused on racquetball since he was a child. Sawyer Howitt is currently a project manager at the Meriwether Group, and he has previously worked for companies such as RFID Checkout and KURE Juice Bar.

Sawyer Howitt brings his knowledge of business to the racquetball court, and this has helped him to become a professional player who is recognized by the official U.S. Racquetball Association.

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  • yeah right! Of course, in whatever path you are going to take you should first ask yourself what your reasons are for seeking to become a professional. With Sawyer Howitt, that is his passion maybe.

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  • This guidelines provided are so reliable. You can be somebody like Sawyer Howitt or even a better athlete if you do follow those.

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  • Cristina Gonzales April 10, 2018 at 2:20 pm

    I actually find this post interesting and that topic is about this particular sport.Well, I wish I can also play like Sawyer Howitt.It will also help me on my exercise maybe.

  • One of the most critical requirements for becoming a professional racquetball player like Sawyer Howitt is getting into excellent physical shape if you really want to be a professional. That’s pretty much challenging and needs discipline though.

  • There’s actually no easy profession,I believe it is always your passion. And this is Sawyer Howitt’s passion t play this sport.

  • It is indeed admirable to become a professional racquetball player, for me it is not an easy sport and it requires great focus. I haven’t tried it actually though watching them play seems so easy like with Sawyer Howitt.

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