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With an illustrious career spanning over twenty years within the capital markets field, and numerous accolades under his belt, financier Clément Perrette has amassed extensive expertise leading global finance giants. Spearheading the creation, development, and success of STRIPs within the European markets, Perrette helped to propel Barclays EUR Rates to the number one spot in terms of profitability, and customer satisfaction. Rising within the ranks of various financial juggernauts, Perrette excelled within leadership positions, acting as a Director, then a Managing Director at Barclays.

In 2016, Perrette engaged in a new venture, pivoting his career trajectory into the realm of portfolio management in a new role with RAM Active Investments. As a current Managing Director, Perrette continues to parlay his previously perfected skills within this role, and is responsible for the fund’s financial increase, from starting capital of $80 million US, to the current capital of $210 million US.

In addition to his professional successes, Perrette has been actively involved in oceanic preservation efforts. Co-producing an aesthetically beautiful and eye-opening tome titled “Call Of The Blue”, Perrette’s efforts focused on increasing general awareness regarding the plight of marine life, and the importance of ocean conservation efforts. Following the success of the book, Perrette impressively partnered with The Uproar Fund, and served as an Executive Producer for the educational and enlightening film, “Ocean Souls”.

What does a typical day look like for you, and how do you maintain organization?

Typically, each morning, I dedicate a few minutes to create a plan for the day ahead, splitting my time between my professional endeavors with RAM, my philanthropic endeavors with Uproar, and my family time. In the morning, I typically educate myself regarding any news in the world of capital markets. I try to spend a little bit of time checking headlines, and preparing for any news that may impact my professional realm. Upon the completion of my work day, I typically spend a few hours composing emails, and taking calls on behalf of my philanthropic work, before settling in for some much needed time with my family.

Of course, many days are not this structured, and I try to remain as flexible as possible, open to the idea of having to switch things at a moment’s notice. Throughout my youth, I maintained an aggressive schedule, without much time to relax, and thus, I take a moment to be thankful for the opportunity to slow down a little bit.

What advice do you have for young people looking to enter the financial field?

Be patient, forge meaningful and positive long-term relationships, and be open to being wrong! Throughout my career, my ambition, desire to achieve success, and motivation have propelled me forward, but admittedly, did not leave much room for patience. I have learned, since then, the power of being patient. I have also learned the importance of maintaining flexibility, in terms of forming opinion, and implementing action. Throughout my career, I have attempted to remain open to ideas, suggestions, and constructive criticism, not allowing my own potential rigidity to deter me from seeing all angles of a potential idea.

What takeaway do you want readers to garner in regard to ocean conservation?

With so much controversy surrounding the topic of climate change, some people believe that they cannot make a discernible, profound change in one lifetime. This is entirely untrue, and a thought process that leads to inaction. Changing our individual consumption habits, and leading by example, will not only have an immediate effect, but will also provide the baseline of what is considered appropriate for future generations, creating the type of atmosphere where conscious consumption is the norm.

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