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As the CEO of MAGFAST, Seymour Segnit has used his lifetime of business experience to grow an innovative and revolutionary company from the ground up. This English-born entrepreneur has been around the block, starting and funding his fair share of businesses. With his extremely passionate and eclectic personality, Segnit is a strong business leader in the digital age. It’s been a long road for Segnit, who has worked to solve problems throughout his entire career and is currently using his skills to change the charging industry for the better.


Early Life

Segnit was born on September 12, 1963, in the London neighborhood of High Barnet. After his parents split up in his early years, Segnit was raised by his mother and grandmother. His mother worked at an advertising agency at a time when very few women worked in the professional world. Until the age of seven, Segnit attended St. Martha’s Covenant and had what he remembers as “a pretty good childhood.”

He was then sent away to boarding school in Surrey, southwest of London, to continue his early education. While Segnit was an intelligent young boy, he wasn’t the hardest worker. “I was always bright enough to do the work, but always stupid enough to think I could get away by not doing it,” he says.

Still, by his sheer intelligence, Segnit made his way to the prestigious Westminster School in the shadow of Westminster Abbey. There, he continued his primary education and, while he still was not working to his fullest potential, was seen as an extremely bright individual.

Segnit leveraged his education at Westminster to earn a partial scholarship to the prestigious Oxford University, where he began his studies in engineering. Unfortunately, as was the case earlier in his education, the bright Segnit didn’t take well to the hard work of university, describing himself as “an almost superhumanly poor student.” Ultimately, Segnit did not graduate from Oxford. Even with this unfortunate ending to his education, he still recognizes the potential within himself. “I didn’t just go to college and flunk out,” he says. “I went to Oxford University with a half-scholarship, [and it’s] one of the best universities in the world.”


A Slow Start in Business

While Segnit was struggling to make it through university, he accepted a position at Ogilvy & Mather, an ad agency in London. However, after accepting the position, it became clear to Segnit that he would not be able to finish his degree at Oxford. He took a risk and told Ogilvy & Mather that he would fail to complete his studies, putting his job in jeopardy. Luckily for Segnit, the company retained him, and he immediately took his position in the graduate recruit program.

It became clear very quickly that Segnit was not cut out to be in the advertising business. Segnit pivoted completely away from the business of advertising and dove headfirst into the world of broadcasting. He held a position as a broadcaster at the London-based 95.8 Capital FM, Europe’s number one commercial radio station. However, according to Segnit, radio wasn’t the right fit for him either.


Segnit Walks the Entrepreneurial Path

While his career started slowly, Segnit began to hit his stride after moving to the United States and, more specifically, Silicon Valley.

Segnit recognized that he wasn’t cut out to work for someone else. “I’ve always had lots of ideas going on and never been good at being an employee,” he says. As a result, he began to take his own ideas and turn them into new businesses. Looking back on this period, Segnit recalls that “the overall arc of [his] life has been trying this and trying that and trying another,” which has gotten him to where he is today.

Segnit was always interested in the technology of the human mind and body, wanting to use the best tools out there to help others work through life’s toughest challenges. As a result, he went on to become a student, and then a teacher, of several healing modalities, such as Neuro-Associative Conditioning, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Time Line Therapy, and The New Biology.

From this place, Segnit helped found Change That’s Right Now (CTRN) in 2002, a web-based business designed to help people with their fears and phobias through internet-based interventions. At CTRN, Segnit released “Vanquish Fear and Anxiety,” which was quickly recognized as one of the world’s most effective programs for getting rid of fear and anxiety. Segnit and CTRN offered this program at a reasonable price, far below comparable major therapy interventions and retreats. CTRN found success in its field, ultimately working with thousands of customers across 73 countries.

This love of the internet and web-based businesses started to take over Segnit’s life. He was someone who had always liked to play around with websites, understanding how they operated and the intricacies of the internet. Eventually, Segnit came to a business idea: websites can be terribly slow, and there are no services that offer website optimization at a reasonable price. “Why isn’t there an affordable service to do this for me?” he wondered. This thought led him down a rabbit hole, eventually forming into the aptly named SPEEDILICIOUS, where Segnit and his partners helped businesses increase their website speeds and, in turn, generate more customers and sales. The company grew to a sizable level and was eventually backed by $25 million in venture funds to support its growth.

After starting his first companies, it became clear to Segnit just how hard being an entrepreneur really was. “All of the odds are against you when you are beginning a startup,” he says. “The statistics say that most startups fail.”


Leading the World of Charging

After gaining a wide range of employment experience, including starting several companies, Segnit saw a market ripe for disruption: mobile device charging. He noticed that with the rise in mobile devices around the globe, so came a rise in charging cords that created clutter and chaos. In 2013, Segnit founded a company that designed a new, better wireless charging device. It was revolutionary in the way it approached charging. With a sleek design and a variety of charging methods, it was instantly a hit. The company was so popular that it raised almost $950,000 from over 11,000 backers on Indiegogo.

But this venture was just the beginning. After seeing the success of his initial product, Segnit recognized the lack in the charging market of a comprehensive suite of wireless charging products that could be used in any situation. With this in mind, Segnit founded MAGFAST, which immediately began to design the MAGFAST Family of products. Acting as the CEO, he has led his team in building a suite of the most revolutionary charging devices ever created. Segnit is excited and passionate about MAGFAST, calling it “the best work of [his] life.”

Today, Segnit is hard at work to bring the next generation of charging products into the homes, cars, and workplaces of consumers everywhere. He is utilizing the principles that he has learned throughout his working life, especially those as an early entrepreneur.


Teaching Others

Segnit is not an entrepreneur solely for the money; he wants to change the world. That’s why he not only builds new and innovative products but also teaches others the skills and mindset to find success on their own. Segnit is a trainer for the Millionaire Mind Intensive, an organization that aims to help people build financial success and independence.

He has also been involved in a variety of other conferences and retreats as a teacher and trainer. As an immigrant himself, Segnit finds it valuable to help others with similar backgrounds to his own and taught at the Conference for Immigrant Entrepreneurs on how to develop “Success in the U.S.”

When Segnit isn’t working, he is spending time with his beloved wife Amy and daughter Hudson at their brick home overlooking the Hudson River in New York City.

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