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Legendary singer Phil Collins is recovering tonight after taking a nasty fall in a London hotel room. According to reports, he suffered injuries severe enough to require stitches. This has led the former Genesis singer to postpone all concerts until November so that he can focus on restoring his good health.

The 66 year old singer is still active in touring and the fall is horrible news for fans who were looking forward to his upcoming shows. Collins has amassed decades worth of hits both as the lead singer of Genesis and during his own very accomplished solo career. He’s won both Grammys and American Music Awards during that time.

His management team issued a statement about the incident letting fans know how Phil is doing and that Royal Albert Hall concerts have been rescheduled again in November. According to his team, his injury stemmed from an unsteady gait following a back surgery. He simply stumbled over a chair in the middle of the night and hit his head, requiring a number of stitches to treat the wound.

According to multiple outlets, this was no minor fall and was deemed a “severe” head injury by a number of different sources. Collins remains hospitalized as of the time of this writing. Via a Facebook post, his management team reported that he is being kept in the hospital only for observation and that he is already on the road to recovery and hopefully performing again.

The news shed light on a recent ailment that Collins suffers from, called “Drop Foot.” This disease results in an abnormality of the gait which makes it difficult for Collins to walk at times. This hasn’t stopped the enthusiastic performer from making his concert rounds, though, and fans are anxious to know when Collins is able to take the stage again. He is one of the most popular performers of several decades, including his peak solo popularity in the 80’s and early 90’s. He’s continued to write songs and perform since then and is still active on the touring circuit whenever he is able to be.

A recent back surgery for his Drop Foot syndrome is what management says contributed to the hotel spill. Collins will hopefully be back on the stage and ready to thrill and delight fans again soon. Until then, he’s resting comfortably in a hospital room and is in good condition as of now.

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