Regina Dowd Discusses Why Companies Should Use Staffing Agencies In Recruitment Process

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Regina Dowd is an experienced IT Staffing service provider with TSR Consulting Services, Inc. She has been in the industry for many years where she has played a key role in providing information technology experts in various companies in metropolitan New York City and other cities around the large New York State. As experienced information technology and staffing expert, Dowd advises companies in need of IT professionals to hire through staffing agencies because they offer the following benefits.

1. Professional Hiring

According to Regina Dowd, staffing companies have additional facilities and professional expertise that is difficult to come across in any human resource department in a company. This means that the level of screening and scrutiny will take place in a staffing company will be higher as compared to the interview process at the premises of the company. Therefore, staffing companies will always come with quality employees who have unmatched skills and knowledge.

2. Saving on Staffing Expenses

Recruitment is an expensive process that could consume considerable amounts of money from a company. From advertisement, interview process, selection, and training of suitable candidates, companies are likely to use large amounts of money that could have been used in other operations of the company. Dowd notes that staffing companies are very important in the staffing process because they help companies to save money. Organizations that are experiencing cash shortages should, therefore, hire through agencies to save money.

3. Extensive Networks

In normal circumstances, staffing companies have a large network of suitable employees as compared to human resource department of any organization. Regina Dowd notes that potential employees are no longer looking for job adverts in newspapers or any other means of mass media. People looking for employment opportunities are creating a network with staffing agencies because they have a large network of job openings. This makes staffing companies to have a large database of potential workers who can easily help a company to achieve its goals and objectives.

4. Sourcing the Right Skills

Due to the lack of technical and human capacity in various human resource departments, it is very difficult for an organization to get candidates with the right skills. Regina Dowd notes that most of the companies who are still conducting interviews and selection processes have significantly lost when it comes to looking for the right talents in the industry. They lack the most important skills of choosing the best candidates from a large pool of potential employees who apply for open vacancies.

5. Saving Time

Time is a great resource in modern business environment. Companies have to compete with one another for the customers in the same market. Any slight weakness is exploited by the competitor, and certain organizations may end up losing their market share because they are paying huge attention to recruitment than serving their customers. Regina Dowd notes that recruitment agencies handle advertisements and interviews while companies concentrate on serving their customers.

Therefore, as a business owner, you should not use much of the company’s resources and time trying to recruit the best candidates to work for the company. Hiring a staffing agency to handle staffing duties will give you a chance to maximize your operations.


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