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As the energy debate in America continues, effective solutions are being implemented and the Smart Thermostat is one of them. With the volatile nature of the economy, and consumers wishing to save more money, the Smart Thermostat has grown in popularity. Stream describes it as the most efficient way of controlling your electricity and gas supply. This is just one of the many products and services that the company offers when it comes to helping customers make educated and intelligent energy decisions.

The Smart Thermostat has been on the market for several years; it is an ingenious device with several key features:

  •      You can control the central heating in your home regardless of your location.
  •      You can tailor your central heating according to your needs.
  •    Instead of heating your whole house, you have the option to heat individual rooms that you use the most.
  •     The temperature in each individual room can be adjusted by you.

The Smart Thermostat enables you to manage your energy use more efficiently, which means that you’ll have more money available to put towards other things that matter to you.

How is a Smart Thermostat Different from a Normal Thermostat?

Good question! Stream has got nothing against the normal thermostat, but the company strives to be forward thinking and believes in upgrading the technology that we use. Stream also constantly looks for new ways to conserve energy and the Smart Thermostat is one of those ways. A regular thermostat allows you to change the temperature in your home using a control pad or a dial. A Smart Thermostat allows you to control your heating based on a range of different factors, including:

  •   The outside temperature
  •   Who is in your home
  •   The time of the day

Another great feature offered by the Smart Thermostat is that it provides a display of the amount of energy you consume in real time. This gives you more control over how much energy you use, allowing you to make adjustments if necessary.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Smart Thermostat

Stream Energy doesn’t believe in offering products or services to clients that don’t benefit them. Here are some advantages of using a Smart Thermostat:

  •   You can monitor the amount of gas and electricity you use in your home. If used wisely, you can save a significant amount of money.
  •   You can control your heating using your smartphone or tablet. This means that if you get to work and realize that you have left your heating on, you can turn it off. You can then turn it back on when you are on your way home, allowing you to step into a nice warm house upon your return.
  •   Smart thermostats provide you with statistical data about the heating patterns in your home. You can find out the length of time it takes to heat your house and the times when your energy use is at its highest. This will enable you to make adjustments accordingly.

What Is Stream Offering?

The Smart 30 Thermostat Plan is one of Stream Energy’s greatest investments, and it will be for you too! They offer a 30-month term fixed rate energy plan. Before you decide that you don’t want to be locked into a contract, check out the benefits of that plan:

  •   You are protected against price hikes during the life of the contract.
  •   It’s easier to budget for your energy costs.
  • Fixed tariffs are cheaper than standard deals because competition within the market has pushed the price of fixed tariffs down.
  •  No shocking bills will come through the mail, which leads to time wasted speaking to your energy supplier’s customer service team to find out why.

Stream Energy believes in total transparency with their clients. So it’s important to note that a fixed tariff doesn’t mean that your bill is fixed on a monthly or quarterly basis. What it does mean is that the cost of each unit of electricity and gas you use is fixed. Therefore, the more units you use, the higher your bill will be. In other words, even if your supplier increases their prices, you will pay the same for the amount of energy that you use.

lyric thermostat Stream Energy A Free Lyric Thermostat: The lyric thermostat is valued at $199, but Stream is giving it away completely for free! Most energy supply companies will charge you for the device. Here are some of its best features:

  •   Geofencing technology adjusts the temperature in your home automatically.
  •   You can customize the temperature settings in your home using shortcuts on your mobile app.
  •   The thermostat tells you what the weather is going to be like so that you can adjust the temperature accordingly.
  •   You can control your device from any location through your tablet or smartphone.
  •   The thermostat has a ‘Fine Tune Feature” so that it feels as if the temperature is set at 72 degrees regardless of how humid it is.
  •   The app will alert you when maintenance is required.

Free Energy Bonus: Stream is passionate about word of mouth marketing. After all, if you are happy with the company’s services and the benefits you’ve experienced, why not let others know? When you invite friends and family to Stream, you earn free energy bonuses that go towards your bill. Simply log on to your online free energy account, and watch your points add up. You also get an additional bonus once you have enrolled 15 people!

So, now that you know all about the benefits of the Smart Thermostat, we hope that you have enough information to make a decision that is best suited to your needs at present. If you have decided that you would like to know more, take Stream up on their offer, or even ask one of their representatives to explain something you don’t understand.

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