Stream Energy Review: The Impact Stream Energy Has on Families

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Stream Energy Reviews

Working a nine to five office job can not only be stressful but time-consuming. Whether it’s commuting to and from your job in traffic every day or spending over 40 hours a week behind your desk, having a traditional office job often has you spending very little time with your family. Many people often compromise spending time with their family with providing the essentials for their family like a home, education for their kids and food on the table. Unfortunately, compromising their time often means missing important milestones in their kids’ lives or not spending the needed quality time with their spouse. It is an unforgiving cycle that leads to disappointment and guilt.

Now, imagine a world where you have an abundance of time to spend with your family while still earning an income that supports your family’s wants and needs. With the power of Stream Energy’s Opportunity, this is possible.

What Is Stream Energy & Why Join the Company?

Stream Energy is a leading direct selling company that is based in Dallas, Texas. The company was founded by Rob Snyder and Pierre Koshakji who had a simple idea of selling energy by word of mouth. To make this dream a reality, the company started a direct selling program called Stream Opportunity that sell its energy plans. As the program gained momentum, the company had the ability to expand and now offers additional services like wireless, protective and home services. Through its expansion, the company has grown and generated over $8 billion in lifetime revenue. Today, Stream Energy focuses mainly on providing energy to households and business in nine states in the US, as well as creating job opportunities for thousands of people in the US.

The Stream Energy Opportunity provides anyone in the USA to start their own business by becoming part of its already established and lucrative business. With no business background needed, those who want to join Opportunity pay a minimal fee to become a Stream Energy Independent Associates. By becoming an Independent Associate, anyone including a stay-at-home mom or a business-driven dad – can start selling Stream Energy services and signing up new customers to earn rewards and income. Plus, Stream Energy provides new Associates with the training they need as well as with a website so they can start selling the company’s services.

The Stream Energy concept is simple – get paid for selling Stream Energy services and signing up new customers. Stream Energy offers its customers various services to choose from including the following:

Wireless Services

Customers can buy their cell phone and other devices directly from Stream Energy. Additionally, this service also provides its customers with apps and tools to assist them in backing up their devices and locating their lost or stolen cell phone.

Protective Services

Stream Energy understands the importance of protecting its customers against digital theft. The company, therefore, offers its customers tools to protect themselves against identity theft, monitoring their credit, and technical support to help them protect themselves. Stream also offers Roadside Assistance and Virtual MD services.

Home Services

Stream Energy Home Services allows its users to use their smartphone to remain connected to their home or office from anywhere. Digital voice service provides superior call quality and smart safety alerts.

Energy Services

Providing its customers with three types of energy – electric, natural gas and clean energy – Stream Energy has become a global leader in the energy industry.

With no inventory, Stream Energy’s Independent Associates have an opportunity to work from home no matter where they are located. The company gives anyone seeking an alternative to a nine to five job while still earning a livable income. A flexible hours schedule allows those with families to work during times when they won’t miss any important moments in their kids’ lives. 

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