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When Randy Hildebrandt was growing up in Austin, Texas, all he ever thought about was becoming a major league baseball player. His idol was Ryan Nolan who played for the Houston Astros and Texas Rangers. The pitcher’s style and performance made an impression on Randy. By the time Ryan Nolan retired, he had 5,714 strike-outs, which was something that Randy not only hoped to accomplish but also exceed. The accomplishments of Nolan Ryan made him dream big. Randy began to follow that dream.


Beginning of a Dream Met with Challenges


Randy diligently practiced his pitching craft and went on to participate in high school. He easily made the Fighting Owl’s baseball team at Anderson Shiro High School in Anderson, Texas, and by the time he was a junior, Randy was pitching at 92-mph with his fastball. He was throwing like a champion and believed that his time in the major leagues would someday become a reality. Randy was in his prime and became a very popular player on the team by his senior year. However, towards the end of his senior year, Randy began to experience shoulder pain.


After all his stunning performances on the pitchers’ mound, Randy’s shoulder began to weaken, and he needed surgery. The surgery was a success. He quickly recovered and moved on to attend college, excited to bring back his powerful performance of pitching.


Next Chapter Brings Battle of Finding Right Path


After graduation, the former high school pitcher went on to the next chapter and enrolled at the Blinn College in Brehham, Texas. He was accepted by the athletic program. Randy went back to pitching in the same excellent form as his high school days. However, the form did not last long. Randy began to experience pain from all the stress of fastball pitching and discovered that he had blown out his shoulder. The dream was now over and Randy knew it. “You get a lot of attention when you’re doing well,” said Randy “But as soon as you get hurt, you [become] a liability.”

Randy struggled with accepting the outcome, but he somehow mustered the strength to move on. He eventually enrolled with Texas A&M University and became one of the nationally known “Fighting Aggies”. The majors that he chose were very uninspiring and difficult for him, because he only chose them due to the earning potential. It was a battle everyday to keep focused.


Fateful Encounter Leads To New Decisions


By the time Randy graduated from college, he had $2,000 saved from working as a waiter and bartender, and a truck to his name. He needed to find a job.


Randy sent his resume to two websites- Monster and Career Builder. He was desperate to find a job that would provide any income but he still had a deep desire to want to be successful. He received a call from a person named Connie that would ultimately change his life. Connie told Randy there was a job opportunity to sell insurance. Randy emphatically denied the offer to interview for the job. He explained that he did not have any experience in selling insurance. The position was also 200 miles away in Round Rock, Texas. After persistence, Connie convinced him to meet with Kevin Farrell. Randy was unmotivated and really didn’t have any interest in insurance. But, after two meetings and two 200-mile trips, Kevin saw potential in Randy and gave him a book to study for taking the test to get his insurance license. Randy passed the test.


Mentor Leads to Important Self-Discovery and Pivotal Person


Randy continually made the 200-mile drive to complete the 12-month training program, but, he was doubtful of any potential success. At times, he wanted to give up. Randy’s mentor eventually changed his mindset from selling to people and changed it to helping people.

By the time Randy began to be successful and understood the underlining intent of his new career, he was encouraged to meet with Troy McQuagge, President and CEO of USHEALTH Group. The encounter inspired Randy to want to do more for people. Troy has a deep passion and core belief that serving is at the soul of a person’s existence. This resonated with Randy, and he made a decision to leave the previous company and become a USHEALTH Group Satellite Division Leader.


USHEALTH Group is the most-innovative insurance company in the nation and also operates the Helping Other People Everyday (HOPE) nationwide program. HOPE is committed to being of service to the community as a part of a daily responsibility. The program has helped war veterans, the homeless, children with life-threatening diseases, hurricane victims and overseas military. Randy believes his faith in God led him to Troy and towards the right dream for his life.


Randy is now a top producer for USHEALTH Group.  Read more about Randy’s story here:

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