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Victoria Doramus is an experienced trends specialist with a history of applying creative solutions to identified market patterns. Areas of specialization include consumer trends in fashion, design and lifestyle.

She possesses extensive experience in identifying, researching, and documenting trends in various sectors, and proposing appropriate remedies. A history of creative work has given Victoria Doramus insights into new marketing strategies and innovative solutions to observed market phenomena.  She is currently turning her talents towards the charity sector, exploring creative ways to give aid to those in need.

Previous Experience

Victoria Doramus has a long history in the media sector. She has undertaken a wide variety of roles within the communications industry, focusing on copy creation, networking, creative campaigns and market analysis. As well as the artistic and creative aspect of marketing, she has gained practical skills in project management, market research and analysis, budgeting, recruiting and networking as part of her many roles within communications.

After graduating from the University of Colorado Boulder with a BA in journalism and mass communication, she took a position as an assistant media planner with Mindshare, building relationships with media executives and creating both print and multimedia advertising plans. After this, Victoria Doramus worked as a creative consultant for Stila Cosmetics, embarking on creative projects with visual materials.

In 2007, Doramus would work for 3 years as a group coordinator with the Creative Artists Agency. Here, she would maintain an international network of trend correspondents, liaise with clients and review market reports. She would also complete articles for Trend Central and The Cassandra Report, both publications focusing on trends analysis.

She then proceeded to work for Trendera, where she developed and created new client relationships, built marketing campaigns, acquired new business, supervised contract workers, produced market specific products and translated current lifestyle trends into client-specific marketing efforts for brand implementation and product development. Here, the focus was on customer trends and patterns in the lifestyle sector. She was also responsible for building the Trendera brand through social media as well as the organization, hiring and management of interns and contract workers.

From 2011 to 2013 Victoria Doramus would complete various writing and marketing projects for high-end newspapers, magazines and journals before working as a personal assistant to film director Peter Berg. She would manage his NYC estate and build relationships with various contractors in New York and Los Angeles. In 2012 Victoria Doramus completed a course in contemporary design at Sotheby’s Institute of Art in London with a focus on the history of fashion.

From 2009 to 2015 she worked on a number of freelance projects while simultaneously completing roles within the media industry. These projects included writing for The Huffington Post, Jane Buckingham, Decades: A Century of Fashion and What’s Next: The Experts Guide.

Volunteer Work

In 2016, Victoria Doramus started working with a number of charities and volunteer causes. She is currently working with these organizations in volunteer capacity. The charity causes include –

  • The Amy Winehouse Foundation – This organization focuses on preventing drug and alcohol misuse for young people. Its focus is on education, support for those affected and music as a form of expression and remedy.


  • Room to Read – This organization focuses on helping low income families by ensuring children have the appropriate levels of literary capabilities. Over 12 million children have benefited from Room to Read from countries including India, Vietnam, Nepal and South Africa. The organization was founded in 2000 on the principal that changing the world starts with child education. It works with local communities and governments to encourage the formation of a life changing literacy habit.


  • Best Friends Animal Society – This society was founded in 1984 and aims to rescue animals in shelters where they are going to be put down. Adoption, neutering, fostering and TNR are the solutions put forward by the society. More than 5,000 animals are put down every day in the US when alternative options are available. The largest no-kill animal sanctuary in the USA is run by the Best Friends Animal Society.


  • Women’s Prison Association – The Women’s Prison Association (WPA) focuses on helping women to avoid incarceration and works with women at all stages of the criminal justice process. The organization believes that incarceration is not the answer and community driven solutions are a superior alternative. Women who have spent time in prison come to the WPA for assistance in rebuilding their lives.

Current Ambitions

After a long and fruitful career in the media and entertainment industry, Victoria Doramus is now self-employed with a focus on giving back to charities. Extensive experience in media, project management, market analysis and creative campaigns has provided a unique set of skills which are perfectly suited for the charity sector.


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