What is FileZilla and how to use it?

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 Filezilla is an open source (available free to use for the user) powerful software that allows you to transfer files from local computer to source computer. It’s a popular cross-platform FTP application and is available in two version FileZilla clientand server. It provides the facility of transferring and managing files, and folders over the internet. So it’s preferred by most of the webmasters.

The FileZilla client is user-friendly that supports FTP (File Transfer Protocol), SFTPS (SSH File Transfer Protocol) and FTPS (File Transfer Protocol over SSL/TLS).

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There are some important and useful features of FileZilla listed below:

  1. Fast, reliable and easy to use.
  2. FileZilla client binaries are available for Windows, Linux, BSD, Mac OS and server binaries are available only for Windows.
  3. It supports latest protocol version i.e. IPv6.
  4. Available in 47 different languages.
  5. The user can drag and drop to download and upload files.
  6. It supports tabbed user interface for multitasking. It means you can transfer files (>4 GB) between multiple servers at a time.
  7. You can resume the file transfer process.
  8. It provides bookmark option for easy use.
  9. FileZilla offers powerful site manager that manages server list and file transfer process in the queue.
  10. It has filename filter option that means you can search any particular file without wasting your time.
  11. Easy to comparing server files and local files in the same time. Because it automatically highlights the files which have different information.
  12. It has configurable transfer speed limit that reduced the error of transferring
  13. It supports Network configuration wizard which helps you in configuring network setting by providing step by step process.
  14. Remote file editing option helps you to edit the file without upload on your computer.
  15. It keeps alive the connection.
  16. HTTP/1.1, SOCKS5 and FTP-Proxy support.
  17. Logging to file.
  18. Synchronized directory browsing.
  19. It has Remote file search option.
  20. It provides security solutions which encrypt and protect your data during the connection to the server.

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FileZilla installation is step by step process as I listed below with screenshot for your reference:


Only download the FileZilla for free from its official website. Make sure that you are downloading correct latest version installer for your Operating System.


After downloading the installer, the License Agreement screen will appear. You need to confirm and accept the license agreement by click on I agree on the button.

filezilla agree license


  • In next step choose some option such as user access, components, and installing location. For user convenience, it provides default setting.
  •  Click on next button to proceed.

filezilla setup proceedure

  • The next window allows you to set the destination for the FileZilla client.
  •  Hit next button to continue and choose the start menu folder for installation.

Filezilla installation location

  •   Now click on the finish button to complete the installation.

filezilla installation finish step

Congrats, you’ve successfully installed the FileZilla client . Let’s go to the running step .


  1. Open FileZilla software.
  2. There will be appeared toolbar which contains the fields such as Host, Username, Password, and Port. So fill all information provided by your web host.
  3. Click on Quickconnect.

Filezilla server connection


Now you are able to see the servers files in the right pane of the screen.


  • First of all, browse the files from your computer that you want to upload on the server. All files of your computer are showing in the left pane of FileZilla client.
  • Select the file and click right button of your mouse.
  • Choose upload option from displaying list.

upload files on filezilla

  • For downloading files from the server, you have to go in the right pane of the FileZilla. Choose the file that you want to download from the server.

download files on filezilla from server

  • Click right button of your mouse and choose download option from the displaying list.

All downloading and uploading files are added to the queue and you can track their progression in the bottom pane of the FileZilla.

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I hope you enjoyed this article, please share around your social network. If you’ve any confusion or suggestion regarding FileZilla, please drop in the comment box below. I’ll reply you ASAP.

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