When You’re Bill Shelton of USHEALTH Advisors, The Phrase “I Can’t” Just Won’t Do

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The influence others have in our lives can be incredible, and while some of us find our parents offer more in the way of love and leadership than any child could ask for, it is also our friends and colleagues helping to form us into the people we are today. Bill Shelton, senior vice president of marketing at USHEALTH Advisors, not only grew into the man he is now thanks to a few key people but tries to live his life as an example for others.


Shelton and his two brothers grew up in a tight-knit family, one in which his father worked hard to support the family. Raised to be thankful for all he had, Shelton learned the art of negotiation and combined this skill with his strong work ethic to reach levels of success not seen by many.


Focusing on the Journey


With his dad’s example of integrity and discipline, coupled with the need to support himself now that he was on his own, Shelton found himself working at the local radio station in Borger, Texas just after high school. Although it was initially a way for him to pay for college tuition, Shelton found a love for the industry and worked his way up to becoming part owner. His experience in the media world would pay off later down the line when he joined the health coverage industry.


After relocating to Oklahoma years later, he met his wife, Teresa, and with the responsibility of providing for not only her well-being but her son’s too, Shelton’s drive to succeed grew even more. When the radio station changed ownership, Shelton found himself out of a job and after another move, another enrollment in college and another job he dedicated himself to, he was able to meet one of the most impactful people of his entire life.


Working with Troy


After meeting USHEALTH Group CEO Troy McQuagge in 1999, the two began working to build the online presence of Troy’s business., Shelton was a quick study and eventually led the organization to great success in the internet space.


Founding marketing strategies now used by health coverage organizations across the nation, Shelton’s techniques yielded more than 300,000 new sales leads in a single year and 17,000 recruits to the industry. Joining up again with Troy in 2010, the two were instrumental in re-launching USHEALTH Advisors.


The organization offers health coverage products aimed at combining flexible prices and peace of mind for families and individuals. Business owners and freelancers alike can choose from dental, vision, life or disability coverage among other options. The mission of USHEALTH Advisors is one of HOPE—Helping Other People Everyday—and this mindset is evident in their customer care and track record of success. From customer service awards to the innovative approach they take toward running the organization, USHEALTH Advisors sets an example for others in the industry.


Reaching for the Stars


Shelton’s role as senior vice president of marketing at USHEALTH Advisors is an important one, as he is responsible for overseeing all marketing, communications training and sales compliance activities across the nation. Based in the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas, Shelton gets to work with leaders in the organization to provide valuable tools to be utilized on the front lines by USHEALTH Advisors agents. His commitment to hard work from such a young age has paid off handsomely, as USHEALTH Advisors has earned numerous awards in the industry.


In a way, Shelton is carrying on his father’s legacy and sets a leading example every day for his colleagues at USHEALTH Advisors. With his passion for helping others and ability to tackle any task placed in front of him, the phrase “I can’t” just is not in Shelton’s vocabulary.


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